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Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers


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Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers has been your one-stop

resource for detailed information on spezial libraries, resource centers, special collections

and documentation centers for more than 30 years. Unlike public and academic libraries, which

provide access to resources on a variety of general topics, special libraries maintain more detailed

collections that focus on a specific subject or a group of closely related topics. Directory

of Special Libraries and Information Centers furnishes detailed information on more than

34,500 international libraries and centers covering the complete range of topics, from African American history and environmental design to psychology and zoology.

Fully updated entries in Directory of Special Libraries and Information Centers typically include full contact information, including address, phone, fax, E-mail, Web URL and homepage; name and title of person in charge; date founded; number of staff; subjects represented in the collection; special collections; holdings; subscriptions; services; OPAC availability; electronic resources; networks/consortia; publications; special catalogs; and much more.

Real-world applications might include:

- Business professionals can identify special library collections in business and related fields, compiling a list of detailed contact information

- Graduate students in science can quickly compile a list of special libraries that focus on specific subjects in science and technology

- Historians can easily locate special collections of rare and historically significant documents

- And many others

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