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Eighteenth Century Journals Portal


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu ausgewählten Quellenmaterialien aus über 210, z.T. sehr seltenen, englischsprachigen Zeitungen und Zeitschriften des 18. Jahrhunderts im kombinierten Volltext- und Faksimileformat. Enthalten sind schwerpunktmäßig Zeitungen und Zeitschriften, die in Großbritannien veröffentlicht wurden, aber auch Titel aus Kanada, dem karibischen Raum, Indien oder Irland. Die Sammlung deckt ein umfangreiches Spektrum an Themenbereichen ab, die von Politik über Literatur und Theater bis hin zu Aspekten des religiösen und sozialen Lebens reichen. Zur Digitalisierung wurden Titel ausgewählt, die nicht bereits in EEBO, ECCO oder 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers enthalten sind. Das Portal bietet eine gemeinsame Suchoberfläche für die drei bislang veröffentlichten Teilsammlungen.

Eighteenth Century Journals Portal

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Adam Matthew Digital

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Eighteenth Century Journals draws together material from some of the finest archives across the UK and the US, with the aim of representing the rich variety of the eighteenth century press. It is the first resource of its kind to make available unique and extremely rare eighteenth century periodicals online, each chosen to convey the eclecticism and evolution of the publishing world between 1685 and 1835.

From political journals circulated in London coffee houses to colonial newspapers, and from poetic reviews to magazines for ladies of fashion, Eighteenth Century Journals illuminates all aspects of social, political and literary life, providing an opportunity to examine a variety of topical issues, and to compare a range of perspectives on the debates of the day.

The vast material will be of interest to those studying a range of topics, including literature, theatre, the origins and rise of Romanticism, politics, revolution and rebellion, social issues, gender, society, religion and the influence of the Press.


  • Module I: Newspapers and Periodicals, 1693-1793, from the Bodleian Library, Oxford
  • Module II: Newspapers and Periodicals, 1699-1812, from the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin
  • Module III: Newspapers and Periodicals, 1680-1816, from British Library Newspapers, Colindale and Cambridge University Library
  • Module IV: Newspapers and Periodicals, 1708-1820, from Chetham's Library, Manchester and the Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
  • Module V: The Lady's Magazine and other titles, 1712-1835, from Birmingham Central Library, British Library, Cambridge University Library and Liverpool John Moores University Library

Period Covered

  • Mid-17th to early 19th century


  • Theatrical journals, including The Theatre, The Anti-Theatre, The Comedian, The Rhapsodist and The Theatrical Monitor.
  • Periodicals ranging from political journals such as Joseph Addison's Freeholder to local newspapers such as the York Chronicle and literary reviews including The Present State of the Republick of Letters.
  • A strong selection of colonial newspapers from Canada, the Caribbean and India, demonstrating how news spread throughout the Empire.
  • Manchester newspapers covering the growth of industry, urbanisation and radical politics.
  • A complete run of The Lady's Magazine, 1770-1832, and other relevant titles including The Lady's Monthly Museum, The Lady's Philosopher, The Minerva Magazine and The New Novelist's Magazine. It is the perfect guide to the sensibilities of both genders in the age of Jane Austen.

Source Archives

  • Birmingham Central Library
  • Cambridge University Library
  • Chetham's Library, Manchester
  • Liverpool John Moores Library
  • The British Library
  • The Brotherton Library, University of Leeds
  • The Harry Ransom Center, University of Texas
  • The Hope Collection, Bodleian Library, Oxford

Material Types

  • Rare printed journals, periodicals and newspapers of the long eighteenth century not covered in EEBO, ECCO or Early English Newspapers. Eighteenth Century Journals features many short run items and very rare materials making it an excellent complement to other resources already available in this area.

Editorial Board

  • Jennie Batchelor, University of Kent (Module V)
  • Jeremy Black, University of Exeter (Modules I, II and III)
  • Brian Cowan, McGill University (Modules III and IV)
  • Laura Mandell, Texas A&M University (Module IV)
  • Kevin O'Neill, Boston College (Module IV)


  • Class and Social Structure
  • Current Affairs: Domestic and Foreign
  • Colonialism and Empire
  • Drama, Theatre and Music
  • Economics and the Industrial Revolution
  • The Enlightenment, Science and Discovery
  • Fashion, Taste and Consumption
  • The French and American Revolutions
  • Poetry and Literature
  • Politics and Radicalism
  • Religion
  • Slavery and the Anti-Slavery Movement

Key Features

  • Unique and extremely rare eighteenth century periodicals.
  • Materials have been carefully chosen to convey the eclecticism and evolution of publishing between 1685 and 1835.
  • All titles have been carefully screened against other eighteenth century academic resources (EEBO, "19th Century British Library Newspapers", ECCO, etc.) to ensure minimal overlap.
  • All transcriptions have been double-keyed (and not OCR'd) providing a greater accuracy (99%) in search results.
  • Many documents digitised in full colour.

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