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Library of Latin Texts - Series B (LLT-B)


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Inhalt :: Content

Volltextdatenbank zur lateinischen Literatur vom 2. bis zum 16. Jahrhundert. Die Sammlung enthält rund 1.000 Texte verschiedener Gattungen wie Chroniken, Lebensbeschreibungen von Heiligen, Reisebeschreibungen, juristische Werke, theologische, philosophische und naturwissenschaftliche Schriften von über 450 Autoren. Integration mit der Database of Latin Dictionaries (DLD). Updates: jährlich.

Library of Latin Texts

Verlag :: Publisher

Brepols Publishers

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

IIn 2009, Brepols Publishers launched a new Latin text database, the Library of Latin Texts - Series B (LLT-B). This series serves as a supplement to the Library of Latin Texts. Both databases are produced by the Centre 'Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium' (CTLO) under the direction of Prof. Paul Tombeur. The objective of the LLT-B is to put a large number of Latin texts into electronic form, at a rapid pace, in order to meet the needs of students and researchers.

The Library of Latin Texts - Series B offers the same research possibilities and functionalities as the LLT-A, which makes it a valuable research instrument. Just as in the LLT-A, a distinction is made between the original text and the "paratextual" elements, with the basic approach of the LLT-A ("Who said what, when, where, and how many times?") still in effect. In total, the present version of the LLT-B includes 901 works in addition to 5,804 diplomatic charters: it is now possible to search more than 36.4 million forms, drawn from more than 900 works that are attributed to approximately 450 authors.

Given that the Library of Latin Texts - Series B constitutes a complement to the Library of Latin Texts – Series A, only the texts that do not figure in the LLT-A are published in it, and vice versa. Although it is theoretically possible that certain texts initially appearing in the LLT-B might later be transferred into the LLT-A, this would be an exception rather than the rule.

Content LLT-B

The Library of Latin Texts – Series B gathers Latin texts of all genres and all periods. The data are therefore very diverse, and include genres as varied as chronicles, medieval saints' lives and travel narratives, legal texts, and theological, philosophical and scientific treatises from the early-modern period. Above all, the emphasis is on the online availability of large corpora of texts.

Key Features

- Contains more than 900 texts

- Academic partner: Centre "Traditio Litterarum Occidentalium"

- Updated yearly with new material

- Interface in English, French, German and Italian

- The powerful search-software enables the users to undertake enhanced search possibilities:

• by using wildcards and Booleans operators, the user can construct complex search queries

• filters are used when, instead of searching through the entire data set, one wishes to restrict the search to a particular Author or group of Authors, a particular Work, a particular Period or Century

Related Databases

- The interface is the same as Brepols full-text databases (Monumenta Germaniae Historica, Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature and Aristoteles Latinus Database)

- Links to the Database of Latin Dictionaries (a user can select a word found in a text of LLT-B and automatically find entries on the word in the constituent dictionaries of the Database of Latin Dictionaries)

- By using the Cross Database Searchtool, LLT-B can be searched online together with the Library of Latin Texts - Series A (LLT-A), the Monumenta Germaniae Historica, the Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature and the Aristoteles Latinus Database

- The cluster Brepolis Latin Complete includes all Latin full-text databases and dictionaries

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