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British Library Newspapers, 1600-1950: Part II: 1800-1900
19th Century British Library Newspapers Part II


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu 22 britischen Zeitungen des 19. Jahrhunderts aus der Zeitungssammlung der British Library im Volltext. Die rund 1 Million digitalisierte Seiten umfassende Sammlung berücksichtigt in Ergänzung zu 19th Century British Library Newspapers I insbesondere regionale Zeitungen aus Nottingham, Bradford, Leicester, Sheffield, York, North Wales u.a. London ist repräsentiert mit den beiden Titeln "The Standard" (1827-1900) und "The Morning Post" (1801-1900).

British Library Newspapers, 1600-1950: Part II: 1800-1900 - 19th Century British Library Newspapers Part II


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Gale Cengage

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Since its publication in 2007, 19th Century British Library Newspapers Part I has transformed the nature of 19th century research for scholars, students, family and local history researchers. Developed in partnership with the British Library and JISC Collections, the collection offers users unprecedented online access to the complete runs of national, regional and local 19th century British newspapers. 48 titles, totaling approximately 2.2 million pages were selected to reflect the social and political developments of the times in which they were published.

Hot off the Press: Part II

Following on from the success of Part I, Gale is pleased to announce the release of Part II which includes 22 additional titles totalling almost 1 million pages. Guided by a board of experts at the British Library, the aim of Part II has been to increase the range of English regional newspapers and expand the political views it represents.

Widening and deepening the range of newspapers from the regions and towns/cities in England has meant that researchers will find a number of significant towns now represented in the collection including: Nottingham, Bradford, Leicester, Sheffield, and York as well as North Wales.

The selection of predominantly liberal, left-of centre or radical publications in Part I has been balanced in Part II by the inclusion of two London newspapers, The Standard and the Morning Post, which for most of the 19th century represented conservative opinion. Adding papers that encompass a wider variety of political views now enables researchers to see an event from a number of contrasting perspectives.

The key benefits for researchers in Part II are:

  • discovering the kind of local information only ever published in local newspapers
  • cross-searching and comparing different reports of a particular event from a range of local newspapers
  • examining how dispatches from London are interpreted and transmitted differently depending upon the opinons held by a region or town

Both parts of the collection can be cross-searched with another unique online collection from the holdings of the British Library, 17th and 18th Century Burney Collection Newspapers. giving researchers access to three centuries of British newspapers.

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