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Invasive Species Compendium


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CABI Publishing

Invasive Species Compendium

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Invasive species are a major threat to the global economy and the environment, costing billions of dollars to control each year. The Invasive Species Compendium is an online, comprehensive encyclopaedic reference work covering recognition, biology, distribution, impact and management of the world's invasive plants and animals.


The ISC will cover known invasive species of all taxa affecting natural and managed ecosystems, concentrating on those species that have the greatest impacts on livelihoods and the environment.

The ISC will contain:

  • Detailed datasheets on invasive species with referenced text sections, links to related content, images and distribution maps
  • Outline datasheets on associated species (natural enemies, hosts, vectors, threatened species)
  • Datasheets on ecosystems
  • Datasheets on countries
  • Key topics addressing a range of relevant issues
  • Case studies to illustrate location-specific management practices and impacts
  • Bibliographic database
  • Glossary
  • Taxonomic framework
  • Statistics

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