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"Through the Camera Lens:" The Moving Picture World and the Silent Cinema Era, 1907-1927


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Gale Cengage


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Follow the emerging film industry through the yes of the influential trade journal "The Moving Picture World." where reviews, features, and interviews set a standard for wide coverage. Claiming to represent the Moving Picture Exhibitors' Association, it carried columns on projection and theater music; its vast quantity of advertisements made the weekly a veritable film encyclopedia.

An intuitive platform makes it all cross-searchable by subject or collection.

Date Range: 1907-1927

Content: 115,972 pages

Source Library: Library of Congress

An industry powerhouse at its height, "Moving Picture World" frequently reiterated its independence from the film studios. In 1911, the magazine bought out "Views and Film Index," and by 1914 its circulation was approximately 15,000. Its reviews illustrate the standards and tastes of film in its infancy, and shed light on story content in those early days. The publication remains valuable today for the raw

research it provides on topics of film, social history and politics.

As a chronicle of the "Moving Picture World" years, "Through the Camera Lens" is a goldmine for scholars of the cinema, and supports study in broader issues of race, class, gender and business during the 20th century's early decades. Researchers will see the effect of the dominance of the Hollywood studios in the 1920s on worldwide society and culture, as well as the system of vertically integrated production, distribution and exhibition of films by Hollywood studios.

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