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Intelligence Reports from the National Security Council's Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975


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The Vietnam Information Group consisted of National Security Council staff members responsible for monitoring cable traffic from other agencies reporting on events in South and North Vietnam.

Intelligence Reports from the National Security Council's Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975 provides important background on the Vietnam war and its impact on life in South and North Vietnam.

The materials on South Vietnam primarily concern relations with the United States and the many problems plaguing the government. Scholars will find information on the role of key political figures, the military, opposition groups, communist-sponsored organizations operating in the south, religious sects, ethnic groups and labor unions, as well as censorship of the press, government corruption and the peace negotiations.

Materials on North Vietnam primarily concern the military and the diplomatic efforts aimed at gaining peace and ultimately the unification of North and South Vietnam. The archives include coverage of the military's operations in the south, Hanoi's attempts to infiltrate and influence the south politically, its relations with China and the Soviet Union, the war's impact on the economy, the Paris peace talks and subsequent violations of the Paris agreements.

Intelligence Reports from the National Security Council's Vietnam Information Group, 1967-1975

This collection of cables, telegrams, reports, memoranda and correspondence represents a significant increase in the effort to make available the total documentation of the war. It provides a wealth of important information and is basic to any analysis of the political and military decisions and operations on both sides.

Sampling of the subjects within these materials:

- Anti-Americanism, 1967-1971

- Buddhists, 1972-1973

- Cao Dai, 1968-1973

- Cambodian Communist Terrorism, 1973-1975

- Catholics, 1967-1973

- Central Office for South Vietnam, 1970-1973

- Civilian People's Self-Defense, 1968

- Communist Shipping to North Vietnam, 1968-1972

- Corruption, 1967-1973

- Government of South Vietnam

- Hoa Hao, 1967-1973

- Khmer in Vietnam, 1968-1973

- Vice President Nguyen Cao Ky, 1967-1973

- Labor, 1967-1973

- Lien Minh Nationalist Party, 1968-1969

- General Duong Van (Big Minh) Minh, 1968-1973

- Montagnards, 1968-1973

- National Liberation Front/Provisional

- Revolutionary Government, 1968-1975

- National Progressive Force, 1969-1970

- National Salvation Front, 1967-1973

- North Vietnam - Military, 1967-1972

- North Vietnam - Negotiations, 1968-1973

- People's Republic of China, 1970-1973

- Press, 1967-1972

- Progressive Nationalist Movement, 1969-1972

- South Vietnam - Peace Negotiations, 1967-1973

- President Nguyen Van Thieu, 1972-1973

- USSR, 1967-1975

- Veterans, 1970-1972

- Vietnamese Nationalist Party, 1969-1972

Date Range: 1967-1975

Content: 12,308 pages

Source Library: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Library

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