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Archives Unbound
Literature, Culture and Society in Depression Era America: Archives of the Federal Writers' Project


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The Federal Writers' Project (FWP) was part of Federal One, the arts project established by the Works Progress Administration (WPA). The WPA recognized that steelworkers, sharecroppers and factory workers were not the only section of the American economy hit by the Depression. Academics, novelists and playwrights were also struggling. In five years, the WPA spent millions to provide literary training and, more significantly, the opportunity for participants to observe, eat and write.

This collection presents the FWP publications of all 47 states involved in the 10-year project. Forming the most complete collection of publications from all participating states, this archive contains more than 450 individual items, many of which are typed or mimeographed and received only limited circulation in their time. The style of writing, the designs, the typography and the contents all add up to a remarkable picture of this depressed and yet creative period of American history.

Date Range: 1933-1943

Source Library: Library of Congress

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