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Voices from Wartime France 1939-1945: Clandestine Resistance and Vichy Newspapers


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La France pendant la guerre 1939-1945: journaux de la Résistance et de Vichy


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Gale Cengage


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The complete French holdings of the British Library - acquired through intelligence, clandestine and neutral sources - offers as full a view of life in France during World War II as was possible at the time.

The British Library holds many resistance titles never acquired by the Bibliothèque Nationale because France was under German occupation - as a result, one of the biggest and most important collection of titles originating from Occupied France remained almost unknown to the scholarly community until now. Newly digitized and full-text searchable, Voices from Wartime France 1939-1945 constitutes the sum of the French press that reached Britain during the German Occupation of France from 1940-44.

Offering a fuller picture of the basis on which many key political decisions were made in Britain about the conduct of the war in France, this French-language collection sheds new light on a much-studied period. Use Voices from Wartime France to support coursework in French and European history, military history, diplomacy, World War II studies and many more disciplines.

Providing perspectives from both the Vichy government and the resistance movement, this unique collection constitutes the sum of the French press that actually reached Britain during the German Occupation of 1940-44. It is the record of what was known by the British about the hearts and minds of the French people at the most dramatic period of their shared history. The British Library archive comprises more than 500 titles. Some - among them a very good selection of regional and local papers - offer long publication runs.

Research topics supported by this collection include:

- 20th century Europe

- French politics and economics

- International affairs

- European conflict

- Vichy government

- Resistance movement

- Life in France during WWII

- French press

- French literature and language

While this collection is composed primarily of newspapers written in French and published in France and her colonies, there are a few exceptions. Radio International and Happy Listening gave radio schedules for the British Expeditionary Force in France in 1939. Newspapers were also published by French exiles.

- Date Range: 1939-1945

- Content: 139,549 pages

- Source Library: British Library

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