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Holocaust and Records of Concentration Camp Trials: Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes


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Gale Cengage


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Rumors of horrors about concentration camps leaked out from Germany before the end of the war. Few people believed the stories at the time. But then came the ghastly facts of Nazi brutality, revealed by Allied liberating forces. Battle-hardened veterans, inured to the sight and smell of death, were sickened by what they saw. Staggering out to meet them were walking skeletons; their bodies stripped of flesh and their minds crippled by disease and starvation. General Dwight D. Eisenhower recorded that he had "never at any other time experienced an equal sense of shock." He urged Washington and London to send observers to see the indisputable evidence.


- Documents include: correspondence; trial records and transcripts; investigatory material, such as interrogation reports and trial exhibits; clemency petitions and reviews; newspaper clippings; and pamphlets.

- Documents on several concentration (and later extermination) camps and sub-camps: Mauthausen, Dachau, Belsen-Bergen, Buchenwald, Treblinka, Sobibor, etc.

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