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Archives Unbound
Coleccion Revolucion, 1910-1921


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This collection was formed by members of the Historical Research Commission of the Mexican Revolution, under the direction of Isidro Fabela in 1958, in preparation for publication Historical Documents of the Mexican Revolution. This publication reproduces documents from various files, under guard of the General Archive of the Nation. The collection is divided into the following series of documents: Revolutionary activities of the Flores Magon brothers: magonista movement in the region of Baja California; Revolution and Regime Maderista: correspondence, reports and military activities, reports on the political situation in some states; Emiliano Zapata, the Plan de Ayala and agricultural policy: land deals, reports and correspondence operations troops; Revolution and Constitutional Regime: circulars, laws, decrees, and manifestos; Supreme Revolutionary Convention, joints prior to sessions and meetings held from 1914 to 1915.


- All content is in Spanish.

- Subdivided into: The Flores Brothers revolutionary activities MAGO: movement Comun in the Baja California region; Revolution and regime Madero: correspondence, reports and military activities, reports on the political situation in some States; Emiliano Zapata, the Plan of Ayala and his agrarian policy: land deals, reports of troops and mail operations; Revolution and regime Constitutionalist: circulars, laws, decrees and manifestos; and Sovereign revolutionary Convention: together prior to the sessions and sessions held 1914-1915.

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