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General Reference Center Gold


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 5.100, vorwiegend englischsprachigen Publikumszeitschriften und -Magazinen sowie Zeitungen, davon rund 3.800 Titel im Volltext. Ferner enthalten sind Podcasts von Sendungen wie Science@NASA, Headline News und NRO radio, über 5.000 Videoaufnahmen von Programmen wie The Today Show, NBC Nightly News und Meet the Press rund 20 einschlägige Referenzwerke, darunter etwa die "Encyclopedia of World Biography" und die "Gale Encyclopedia of Science". Updates: täglich.

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Gale Cengage

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This resource center integrates a vast array of key business and general interest titles to fully answer your patrons' reference questions -- all in a single database. From national news magazines and encyclopedias to core business journals, General Reference Center Gold has the full-text and image resources students and researchers need. Available 24 hours a day via the Internet, this comprehensive reference database quickly delivers the answers to a wide variety of reference questions both at the library or from remote sites. And InfoTrac's powerful, intuitive interface makes it easy for users to search all of these different sources in one seamless process.

General Reference Center Gold features hyperlinks between and even within sources, providing point-and-click navigation to related topics and articles. For instance, you can click on highlighted works within a full-text article from The Columbia Encyclopedia and go right to related articles within the encyclopedia. Many articles also provide links to related sources outside of the current article: reference books, magazine and newspaper articles. General Reference Center Gold features a wide variety of general interest and business magazines and periodicals including:

- Knight-Ridder/Tribune News Service Newspaper articles

- The New York Times

- The Wall Street Journal

- The Christian Science Monitor

- Children's magazines

- More than 20 reference books

- More than 5,100 titles including 3,800 in full text

A 25-year backfile is integrated and included with your subscription.

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