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Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups / e-Patai


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Hrsg. v. Zvi Rappoport, Joel Liebman und Ilan Marek


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John Wiley & Sons


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Patai Online Book Series
Siehe Wiley Online Library: Book Series

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978-0-470-68253-1 (e-Patai)

2042-5651 (Patai Online Book Series)

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Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups is one of chemistry's landmark book series in organic chemistry. An indispensible resource for the organic chemist, this is the most comprehensive reference available in functional group chemistry. Founded in 1964 by the late Professor Saul Patai, the aim of Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups is to cover all the aspects of the chemistry of an important functional group in each volume, with the emphasis not only on the functional group but on the whole molecule.

The Online Book Series features all the volumes from 1964 to 1995, totalling some 86 classic volumes in print, represented within 83 volumes online (with some volumes merged for the Online Book Series). These are listed below, together with some of the more recent volumes which are available to purchase as part of the electronic major reference work, ePatai. Those books included in the Online Book Series are volumes from 1964 to 1995 (those shown without dates are excluded). All volumes from 1995 onwards (currently 26 volumes) are available as an electronic major reference work.

e-Patai - the updating reference work - features:

- 27,000 pages of content spanning 26 volumes

- No DRM restrictions

- Fully searchable in html and pdf formats

- Unlimited concurrent user access

- No maintenance fees

- Updated twice yearly

- Available on subscription or as a one-time purchase

Patai Online Book Series - features:

- 70,000 pages of content spanning 86 volumes

- Pdf format

- No DRM restrictions

- Unlimited concurrent user access

- No maintenance fees

- Available as a collection or volume-by-volume

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