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Berg Fashion Library


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Informationen, Texten und Bildern zum Themenbereich Mode in Verbindung mit Anthropologie, Kunstgeschichte, Soziologie, Geografie, Folklore, Museologie, Theater und Kulturwissenschaften.

Das Portal bietet Zugriff auf Referenzwerke wie die "Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion" mit über 800 Einträgen und rund 2.000 Abbildungen, "The Dictionary of Fashion History" oder "Classic and Modern Writings on Fashion", auf eine E-Book-Sammlung von rund 150 Titeln, eine rund 17.000 Einträge umfassende Bilddatenbank mit Bildern aus dem Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, dem Victoria & Albert Museum, dem Los Angeles County Museum of Art, dem Philadelphia Museum of Art und dem MoMu Fashion Museum, auf einen internationalen Museumsführer sowie auf weitere Quellen. Updates: halbjährlich.

Berg Fashion Library


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Bloomsbury Publishing

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Incorporating the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, this unique online resource is the leading source of information on dress and fashion. Berg Fashion Library offers users access to an expanding range of essential fashion resources, and is updated at least three times a year to keep students, scholars, and professionals at the cutting edge of their subject. It is essential for students and scholars in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, art history, history, sociology, geography, folklore, museum studies, theatre and cultural studies as well as fashion and textiles.

Features and Benefits

  • Image partnerships: An extensive bank of 17,000 colour images from partners such as the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute, the Victoria & Albert Museum, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Philadelphia Museum of Art, and MoMu Fashion Museum, Belgium
  • Free lesson plans with links to the Library's online content, and bibliographic study guides for students on interdisciplinary topics
  • Seminal classic and modern pieces on fashion, including essays and primary sources
  • Full text eBooks of more than 150 Bloomsbury fashion titles
  • Extra reference sources, such as an A-Z of Fashion, The Dictionary of Fashion History, and a museum directory
  • Exhibition archive featuring classic dress and fashion exhibitions from across the globe alongside unique commentary from curators. Exhibitions include "Valentino: Master of Couture" from Somerset House, "Gothic: Dark Glamour" from the Museum at FIT and "War and Seduction" from Museo de la Moda in Chile

For Researchers

  • Cite, share, and personalize content
  • Hyperlinks: find works in the same subject or by the same author; link between text and endnotes or bibliography
  • Growing bank of teaching and research resources
  • Unified taxonomy guides users to the informatio they need across subscription products

For Libraries

  • Full suite of standard library features, conforms to accessibility standards, MARC records, DOIs, usage stats (including COUNTER 5), online customer and technical support, promotional materials, library branding, and free trials
  • Unlimited access via IP authentication and other standard access methods
  • Flexible purchase options
  • Online technical and customer service support

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