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Extreme Environmental Events


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Complexity in Forecasting and Early Warning

Hrsg. v. Robert A. Meyers

Online, Print + Online

2011, 2 Bände, 910 Seiten, gebunden

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Springer Nature


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978-1-4419-7695-6 (Online)

978-1-4419-7696-3 (Print + Online)

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Extreme Environmental Events is an authoritative single source for understanding and applying the basic tenets of complexity and systems theory, as well as the tools and measures for analyzing complex systems, to the prediction, monitoring, and evaluation of major natural phenomena affecting life on earth. These phenomena are often highly destructive, and include earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, climate change,, and weather. Early warning, damage, and the immediate response of human populations to these phenomena are also covered from the point of view of complexity and nonlinear systems. In 61 authoritative, state-of-the art articles, world experts in each field apply such tools and concepts as fractals, cellular automata, solitons game theory, network theory, and statistical physics to an understanding of these complex geophysical phenomena.

About this book:

  • Explores the critical and complex area of natural disaster prediction.
  • Applies the tools and concepts of complexity including fractals, solitons, network theory, and more.
  • Addresses a multidisciplinary audience in earth sciences, climatology, mathematics, physics, engineering, and sociology.
  • Presents highly authoritative chapters from the 11-volume Encyclopedia of Complexity and Systems Science.

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