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Chicago Scholarship Online


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Oxford University Press

Chicago Scholarship Online

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The University of Chicago Press has been publishing books and journals for scholars and students since 1892, primarily in the humanities, social sciences, and life sciences. The University of Chicago Press's first scholarly publication was the Journal of Political Economy and the first book to bear the Chicago imprint was Robert F. Harper's Assyrian and Babylonian Letters Belonging to the Kouyunjik Collections of the British Museum. The Press published its first paperback book in 1956 and its first electronic book in 1993.

Chicago Scholarship Online (CHSO) provides access to over 1,000 fascinating works of scholarship in numerous subjects across the sciences, humanities, social sciences, and law.

A few notable series include Buddhism and Modernity, the Chicago Series in Law and Society, Fieldwork Encounters and Discoveries, the Heritage of Sociology Series, Interspecific Interactions, the Lewis Henry Morgan Lecture Series, the Morality and Society Series, National Bureau of Economic Research Conference Reports (among other series from NBER), and Religion and Postmodernism.

The Press counts among its authors Nobel Prize winners, famed academics, assistant professors, independent scholars, novelists, journalists, first-time authors, and occasionally an author with no fixed address. It counts among its subjects television talk shows, infectious diseases, kaon physics, the works of Verdi, and race relations in the United States. It represents, as the philosopher Jacques Derrida wrote on the occasion of the Press's centennial in 1992, "a kind of luminous and indispensable reference, both a system of intellectual rules put to the test by a tradition to cultivate and an example of institutional success and technical performance".

Chicago Scholarship Online (CHSO) is available through the University Press Scholarship Online platform.

Key user features:

- Provides the high quality scholarly content in one platform

- XML-based platform provides increased discoverability and usage of scholarly materials

- Fully cross-referenced and cross-searchable, with clickable citations from bibliographies and footnotes, including OpenURL and DOI-linking support, and more

- Consistent and timely updates keep the pace with physical book publishing and provide a reliable schedule for new content

The following individual modules are available:

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Anthropology

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Art

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Biology

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Business and Management

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Classical Studies

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Earth Sciences and Geography

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Economics and Finance

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Education

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Environmental Science

- Chicago Scholarship Online - History

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Law

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Linguistics

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Literature

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Music

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Philosophy

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Political Science

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Religion

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Society and Culture

- Chicago Scholarship Online - Sociology

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