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NYU Press Scholarship Online


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Oxford University Press

NYU Press Scholarship Online

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NYU Press publishes over 100 new books each year, with a backlist of nearly 3,500 titles in print. The Press aspires to nothing less than the transformation of the intellectual and cultural landscape. To further that goal, the Press is working with University Press Scholarship Online (UPSO) to provide access to hundreds of titles across a wide range of disciplines, in order to foster knowledge that resonates within and beyond the walls of New York University.

NYU Scholarship Online currently contributes to 9 UPSO subject collections, including:

- Anthropology, with a focus on Medical Anthropology

- History, with particular strengths in civil rights, and African American cultural and intellectual history

- Law, especially Human Rights and Immigration law

- Political Science, featuring the politics of minority groups

- Religion, focusing on how religion intersects with and is amplified by society

- Society and Culture, with a particular focus on media studies

- Sociology, featuring many titles in Gender and Sexuality

NYU Press Scholarship Online is available through the University Press Scholarship Online platform.

Key user features:

- Provides the high quality scholarly content in one platform

- XML-based platform provides increased discoverability and usage of scholarly materials

- Fully cross-referenced and cross-searchable, with clickable citations from bibliographies and footnotes, including OpenURL and DOI-linking support, and more

- Consistent and timely updates keep the pace with physical book publishing and provide a reliable schedule for new content

The following individual modules are available:

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Anthropology

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Education

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - History

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Law

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Political Science

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Psychology

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Religion

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Social Work

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Society and Culture

- NYU Press Scholarship Online - Sociology

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