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The Making of the Modern World Part II: 1851-1914


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Kombinierte Volltext- und Faksimiledatenbank mit rund 5.000 Titeln ökonomischer Primärliteratur im weiteren Sinn aus der Zeit von 1851 bis 1914. Die Titel aus verschiedenen Gebieten der europäischen Wirtschaftsgeschichte, von den etwa die Hälfte in englischer Sprache und die Hälfte in anderen Sprachen verfasst sind, stammen aus den folgenden bedeutenden Sammlungen zur Wirtschaftsgeschichte:

- The Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, Senate House Library, University of London (1.100 Titel)

- University of Kansas Libraries (1.172 Titel)

- Hiroshima University of Economics (692 Titel)

- Seligman Collection from Columbia University (1.987 Titel)

Die Originaldokumente können im Volltext durchsucht und als Faksimile mit Treffermarkierung dargestellt werden. Die Sammlung ergänzt The Making of the Modern World Part I: The Goldsmiths'-Kress Collection of Economic Literature, 1450-1850.


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Gale Cengage

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Containing approximately 5,000 titles and 1.2 million pages, this collection takes The Making of Modern World series into the beginning of the 20th century. Comprised mainly of monographs, reports, correspondence, speeches, and surveys, this collection broadens Gale's international coverage of social, economic, and business history, as well as political science, technology, industrialization and the birth of the modern corporation.

Roughly 50% percent of the collection is comprised of rare titles in languages other than English including French, German, Portuguese, Scandinavian, Italian and Spanish.


The Making of Modern World, Part II: 1851-1914 provides a glimpse into the second half of the 19th century and the global events and crises that were witnessed by those living them, especially:

- The Industrial Revolution's acceleration of the rise of major corporations in the steel, railroad, communications and oil industries

- Pitched battles over currency formats

- Rapid increases in coal and iron productions

- Nations like the United States implementing laws to administer social policy through financial measures like the National Banking Act of 1863 and the Internal Revenue Act of 1864

- The rush to exploit resources more cheaply around the globe and the resulting chartering of a new set of capital venture companies

Topics covered by this collection include:

- Coffee, tea, quinine, cotton, leather, grain

- Railroads

- Women, predominantly in business, women's rights, and labor movements

- Industry and trade, including the evolution of business enterprises

- Socialism and social movements, including communism

- Political theories, law and government, including economic policy

- Economic disaster and recovery

- War and the military

- Worker's rights and the evolution of unionism

- Banking history, systems, and reform

- Population issues

- History of economic thought, including the history of social thought


The Making of the Modern World: Part II has been sourced from the acclaimed Goldsmiths' Library of Economic Literature, Senate House Library, University of London; the renowned Seligman Collections at Columbia University and Hiroshima University of Economics; and the History of Economics Collection at the University of Kansas.


The Making of the Modern World series will be moved to a new, sleek interface designed to engage users with a Research Guide section that includes an introductory essay written by John McCusker, Ewing Halsell Distinguished Professor of American History and Professor of Economics at Trinity University, along with a list of key documents, contextual essays, chronology, and a list of the most popular searches.

This collection also includes:

- Named user functionality that enables users to save marked items from session to session, save searches, and make notes

- Keyword in Context from the results list with the ability to view a snippet of the page image for full-text searches

- New image viewer that allows users to grab, pan, and make images full-screen providing an enhanced viewing experience

- Quick search from the results list

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