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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Bilanz- und Marktdaten von aktiven und nicht-aktiven börsennotierten Unternehmen in standardisierter Form. Die Datenbank beinhaltet u.a.: Allgemeine Unternehmensinformationen (Sitz, Name, Industrie, S&P Rating, CEO), Bilanzinformationen, Gewinn- und Verlust-Rechnung, Cash-Flow-Statements, Finanzkennzahlen, Marktdaten (Aktienkurse, Dividenden) und Marktindizes, Segmentberichterstattung (nur Nordamerika), Wechselkurs-Zeitreihen für mehr als 110 Währungen sowie Makrodaten.

Angeboten werden folgende Module:

  • Compustat North America mit Daten von mehr als 32.500 U.S.-amerikanischen und kanadischen Unternehmen
  • Compustat Global mit Daten von etwa 90.000 internationalen Unternehmen in mehr als 100 Ländern weltweit

Abgedeckter Zeitraum

  • North America: 1950 ff. (jährlich), 1962 ff. (vierteljährlich), 1983 ff. (Preise, täglich).
  • Global: 1988 ff. (jährlich), 2003 ff. (vierteljährlich), 1986 ff. (Preise, täglich). Updates: regelmäßig.


Verlag :: Publisher

S&P Global Market Intelligence (Standard & Poor's)

Preis :: Price

Preise auf Anfrage / Prices on request

Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Covering approximately 98% of the world's market capitalization with timely data on over 88,000 global securities, Compustat has the scope and reputation financial professionals and academic researchers demand. Key restated and un-restated data, unrivaled historical and historical snapshot information, easy-to-use delivery options, and a knowledgeable and responsive support staff have earned Compustat a level of respect and confidence unsurpassed in the financial industry.

With Compustat, money managers, hedge funds, and quantitative researchers get the reliability, coverage, and usability they need to meet their business requirements.

Standard & Poor's Compustat Data

Standard & Poor's Compustat data provides vital company, index and industry information. Clients can choose from either the North America or Global data subsets, or subscribe to both.

Compustat North American Data

Compustat North American Data is standardized according to financial statement presentation and specific data item definitions assuring our customers consistent, comparable data with which to analyze companies and industries. Compustat North American is a database of U.S. and Canadian fundamental and market data.

Compustat Global Data

Compustat Global Data is normalized according to country accounting principles, disclosure methods and specific data item definitions. This database provides financial and market data covering publicly traded companies. Hundreds of data items, ratios and concepts are included. In addition, Compustat Global offers data models specific to industrial companies and financial services sectors including: banks, insurance companies, real estate investment trusts and brokers/security dealers.

Data Sets

  • Compustat Database
    Data sets vary by delivery platform, and include:
    • Up to 20 years of annual and 12 years of quarterly history
    • Pre-calculated ratios and concepts ƒ Corporate actions and business descriptions
    • Comprehensive company financial data, extensive balance sheet, income statement, and detailed footnotes

  • Standard Data Offerings
    • Compustat North America Data: Active and inactive U.S., Canadian and Level II and Level III ADR's that trade on a U.S. or Canadian Exchange
    • Compustat Global Data: Integrated global database with active and inactive fundamental and market data on over 88,000 securities

  • Add-on Databases
    These and additional databases are available:
    • Compustat Historical: Historical annual and quarterly restated North American data. Annual data available from 1950 and quarterly data from 1962
    • Compustat Snapshot: A backtest database containing non-North American fundamental financial data. Compustat Snapshot includes originally reported data, restated data and multi-restated data with history back to 1987 for annual data and 1996 for interim data
    • Compustat Corporate Tracker: Corporate actions database which tracks mergers, acquisitions, CUSIP, ticker and name changes back to 1966
    • Compustat ExecuComp: Provides annual data from 1992 forward on the top five executive officers within a company. This database, representing the S&P 1500, contains more than 31,000 executives and includes more than 100 different compensation items
    • Compustat Point-in-Time: North American monthly historical quarterly fundamental data, includes a 20-quarter rolling history for a particular month from 1987 forward
    • Compustat Unrestated Quarterly: Standardized quarterly unrestated income statement and balance sheet data from 1987, accompanied by the quarterly restated equivalents
    • Compustat Preliminary History: Annual and quarterly preliminary North American company data from 1987
    • Compustat Industry Specific: Financial, statistical and market information on Airline, Healthcare Facilities, Homebuilding, Managed Care (HMO), Mining, Oil & Gas, Exploration & Production, Oil & Gas Refining & Marketing, and Retail industries
    • GICS Direct by Standard & Poor's and MSCI: A joint product from Standard & Poor's and MSCI Barra, provides more than 36,000 company classifications (approximately 40,500 securities) worldwide in accordance with Standard & Poor's and MSCI Barra's proprietary Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS). The classifications cover companies in over 100 countries and over 97% of the world's total market capitalization.
    • Standard & Poor's GICS History: Historical company-level GICS codes for active and inactive U.S., Canadian and ADR companies that go as far back as June 1985. In conjunction with Standard & Poor's Compustat data or GICS Direct, it is a valuable tool for statistical analysis, backtesting and historic sector performance attribution
    • Standard & Poor's Index Alert: Tracks changes and adjustments that affect the composition and constituent weightings of the S&P indices and reports corporate action news events on all index constituents
    • Standard & Poor's Ratings: Contains issuer credit ratings on the overall creditworthiness of a company. Long-term, short-term, and subordinate debt ratings are included
    • MSCI: Integrated into the Compustat Database, MSCI global equity benchmark indices includes daily and monthly pricing and total returns data covering 3,800 indices. Access daily and monthly history for developed markets from 1970 in addition to daily and monthly history from 1987 for emerging markets
    • Russell: Provides data on companies in the Russell Constituents, as well as Russell Indices and includes current and historical Russell Constituent data with daily history back to 1990 and Russell Index daily market data back to 1984 covering 12 major Russell indices


Confidence is knowing that you have the most reliable and authoritative data in the industry. Since 1962, Compustat has been considered the premier source for fundamental and market data coverage. Whether you're an academic researcher accessing Compustat through Standard & Poor's Xpressfeed or Research Insight platforms, or through one of our vendor partners, Wharton Research data Services (WRDS), or The Center for Research in Security Prices (CRSP), Compustat provides the solutions that will allow you to conduct the accurate, in-depth analysis you depend on for your unbiased and objective historical research needs.

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