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Akadémiai Kiadó Hungarian Dictionaries


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu einer Vielzahl von ein- und zweisprachigen allgemeinsprachlichen Wörterbüchern und Fachwörterbüchern aus den Bereichen Technik, Umwelt, Recht und Wirtschaft/Finanzen in den Sprachrichtungen Ungarisch-Englisch/Französisch/Deutsch/Spanisch/Italienisch/Niederländisch.


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Akadémiai Kiadó

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Akadémiai Kiadó is the oldest publishing house in Hungary, which has been working continuously since 1828. The founder is the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, and its mission to publish the results of the Hungarian scientific research. The publishing house has been a share company since 1996, the joint property of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and Wolters Kluwer. The main areas of publication are: Hungarian and foreign journals, basic handbooks necessary to studying scientific fields, unilingual and bilingual dictionaries, encyclopaedias, foreign language course books and specialised textbooks for economics. The publishing house is a market leader in the field of publishing journals and dictionaries.

The core contents of the Akadémiai Kiadó Hungarian Dictionaries online service are:

- English - Hungarian and Hungarian - English,

- German - Hungarian and Hungarian - German,

- French - Hungarian, Hungarian - French Comprehensive Dictionaries,

- Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases;

- Environmental Encyclopaedia;

- Hungarian - English Environmental Dictionary of Definitions,

- English - Hungarian Financial and Technical Dictionaries; and the

- Dictionary of Terminology of the European Union published by Akadémiai Kiadó.

The contents have been enriched with further dictionaries since 2010, these are the following:

- Spanish-Hungarian and Hungarian-Spanish Dictionaries,

- German-Hungarian Comprehensive Technical Dictionary,

- Italian - Hungarian and Hungarian - Italian Concise Dictionaries,

- Hungarian - Dutch Concise Dictionary,

- Hungarian Dictionary of Definitions,

- New Hungarian Encyclopaedia of Literature,

- Dictionary of Hungarian Synonyms,

- The Rules of Hungarian Spelling.

The classic comprehensive dictionaries are edited following the traditions laid down by the famous predecessors, László Országh, Előd Halász, and Sándor Eckhardt; however they contain the renewed vocabulary of the 21 century. The dictionaries offer up-to-date, expert vocabulary, with 90 000-190 000 entries in a field, around 800 000 dictionary articles all together. In the process of updating the dictionaries the current professional fields that are used daily at every company have been given special emphasis: economics, bank, stock exchange, international relations, information communication and media.

The Dictionary of Foreign Words and Phrases collects and demonstrates the foreign vocabulary integrated into the Hungarian language adjusted to the current demands of life; informs about their spelling and pronunciation as it is usual in Hungarian; and explores the context where they can be used correctly and reasonably, with numerous professional and stylistic classifications. The Dictionary contains more than 30000 entries.

The Environmental Encyclopaedia covers the whole spectre of environmental studies and the entries of: biology, agro-environmental protection, earth sciences, engineering sciences, environmental industrial technologies, environmental health, environmental education, environmental policy having special regard to international relations, environmental legislation, environmental economics and environmental institutions.

The Hungarian - English Explanatory Dictionary of Environmental Protection contains 15 000 dictionary data and6 000 entries with Hungarian definition and English meaning from the environmental vocabulary. The words, expressions, definitions can be used very effectively by experts, translators and language exam candidates; it is a superb companion to the users of the Environmental Encyclopaedia.

The Dictionary of the European Union's Terminology contains the European Union's official, unified and operative legislation terminology in English, French, German and Hungarian.

The English - Hungarian Dictionary of Finance contains around 45 000 entries from the vocabularies of finances, bank, stock exchange, accounting, auditing, insurance and taxation.

The English-Hungarian Technical Dictionary covers the vocabulary of 80 fields from mineralogy to video technology.

The technical basis of the service is Akadémiai Elektronikus Könyvtár (Akadémiai Electronic Library) program developed by AvignoNet and NextPage. Its advantage is that we can search in several dictionaries simultaneously. We can do this on a user friendly web surface in a way, that our hits appear with the same contents and typography as the print version.

In the case of simple search we can search by language, dictionary, in full text or only entries. Searches can be saved.

In the case of compound search the ? character can be used to substitute one unknown character; and the * character to substitute more unknown characters. The first hit appears as a full-text entry, further hits appear as previews below it. Here if we click on the headword the dictionary article can be accessed. Searches can be refined with "All of these", "Any of these", "Exactly this", "Close to each other" operators.

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