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Izvestiia Digital Archive (DA-IZV)


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu sämtlichen Ausgaben der Tageszeitung "Izvestija" von 1917 bis heute im kombinierten Text- und Imageformat. Die "Izvestija" (dt. "Nachrichten") ist eine in Russland landesweit erscheinende Tageszeitung. Obwohl sie in der inzwischen breit gefächerten russischen Medienlandschaft auch heute zu den auflagenstärksten Blättern zählt, bezieht sie ihre Bedeutung für die osteuropakundliche Forschung in erster Linie aus der sowjetischen Phase.
Für die interdisziplinäre Erforschung des gesamten kommunistischen Herrschaftsbereichs von 1917-1991 wie auch der sowjetischen Rezeption des Westens bildet die Izvestija eine wichtige Quellengrundlage. Updates: jährlich.

Izvestiia Digital Archive (DA-IZV)

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East View Information Services

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Izvestiia has an unmatched legacy of nearly a century of publication, but it was previously difficult to access, rarely complete, and available only in microfilm or brittle print. Now the complete archive of Izvestiia is available online, from 1917 to 2010. East View's conversion of Izvestiia into full-image text searchable files saves researchers significant time and effort. The Izvestiia Digital Archive is full-image with text, so the convenience of browsing full pages is similar to working with print originals, allowing users to browse, search and focus on graphic images and text. With permanent URLs, a convenient Cyrillic virtual keyboard, the ability to search in transliteration, and crosssearch capability using the same robust platform as East View's Universal Databases, the Izvestiia Digital Archive benefits primary research while at the same time alleviating library storage and shelf space needs and eliminating damage to hardcopy originals.

In addition, researchers now can:

  • Conduct advanced or simple searches of over one million articles, with quick results
  • Export images and text for use in other applications
  • Browse and page through issues, decades after publication, in the original layout and design
  • Retrieve an article or images online, anywhere on campus, from East View's Universal Database platform
  • Save, print or email content
  • Use powerful zoom tools to enhance reading
  • Perform searches in Cyrillic or transliteration
  • Reference permanent URLs for correct citations
  • See photos, maps, diagrams, cartoons, and advertisements from Soviet times, now accessible as never before

Today's Researchers Have Access to a Rich Historical Repository

Researchers of language, history, international relations, economics, social sciences, and more have access to a rich source of Russian documentary history from one easy search. Izvestiia Digital Archive delivers unprecedented access to a repository chronicling the dramatic transformation of Soviet society, from Izvestiia's beginnings as the official publication of Lenin's revolutionary contemporaries to its status as the official publication of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR.

From the first day of publication in February 1917, Izvestiia published first-hand accounts of events that shook the world, from the Russian Revolution, the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, Sputnik, and the fall of the Berlin wall. During the Soviet era, Izvestiia was less ideologically vocal than official party newspapers. The newspaper also played a real role during the Khrushchev era "Thaw" when the paper's editors advocated de-Stalinization and reform.

East View's Izvestiia Digital Archive contains 94 continuous years of Izvestiia's publication, comprising over 25,000 issues. With approximately 186,000 pages in full-image format, there are over 300,000 photographs and other graphics and nearly 1,000,000 articles, with available text for searching.

About Izvestiia

Izvestiia served as the paper of record - the official daily newspaper - of the Soviet government from 1917 until the dissolution of the USSR in 1991, when Izvestiia became an independent publication. During the February Revolution of 1917, Izvestiia was first issued on February 28, 1917, in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg) and was the main newspaper of "The Petrograd Soviet of Workers' and Soldiers' Deputies". At the time, Izvestiia had a moderate and generally positive leaning toward other liberal opposition groups. After the October Socialist Revolution, Izvestiia passed into the hands of the Bolsheviks. When the new Soviet government transferred the capital to Moscow, the newspaper was relocated as well. Izvestiia was the chief organ of the Soviet state to inform the public of government policies. Izvestiia was also recognized for its extensive international coverage, having correspondents in more than 30 foreign countries. This also made the paper an important channel for Soviet foreign policy. Continuously published for over 90 years, Izvestiia's prominence endures today as one of the most subscribed news sources of contemporary Russia. It now covers domestic and foreign policy, commentary, culture, education, and finance.

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