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The Works of Maria Edgeworth


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This twelve-volume edition of the major works of Maria Edgeworth makes available one of the most important but most neglected of women writers in English.

Born in England in 1768 of an English mother and an Anglo-Irish father, Edgeworth lived from the age of 14 on her father's estate in the Irish Midlands. She was introduced by her father, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, inventor, educationalist and Enlightenment polymath, to a remarkable range of books and current ideas. Her sparkling comedies of high-life English manners influenced Jane Austen and Sir Walter Scott.

Her four remarkable Irish tales, beginning with Castle Rackrent (1800), initiate the national or regional novel, which feeds the nineteenth-century historical novel and the modern post-colonial novel. The fiction she wrote herself for and about children, which stayed in print for more than a century, remains among the very best of its kind. The educational treatises, handbooks and teaching materials she wrote in collaboration with R L Edgeworth are part of her period's breakthrough in understanding of the world of childhood.

This first collected edition since the nineteenth century makes available to scholars, students and general readers all the major fiction for adults, much of the best of juvenile fiction, and a generous selection of the educational and occasional writings of Maria Edgeworth.

This edition restores to prominence Jane Austen's leading contemporary rival - a comic, original and often brilliant analyst of her world whose work John Ruskin declared, constituted 'the most re-readable books in existence'.

Bibliographical information:

Edgeworth, Maria. The Works of Maria Edgeworth. General editor: Marilyn Butler. Volume editors: Marilyn Butler, Connor Carville, Claire Connolly, Jane Desmarais, Elizabeth Eger, Siobhán Kilfeather, Susan Manly, Tim McLoughlin, Clíona ÓGallchoir, Heidi Van de Veire and Kim Walker. 12 vols. London; Brookfield, Vt.: Pickering & Chatto, 1999-2003.

- Vol. 1. General Introduction; Textual Note; Introductory Note; Castle Rackrent (1800); Irish Bulls (1802); Ennui (1809); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Jane Desmarais, Tim McLoughlin and Marilyn Butler. General introduction by Marilyn Butler

- Vol. 2. Introductory Note; Abbreviations; Belinda (1801); Endnotes; Textual Variants; Appendix 1; Appendix 2. Edited by Siobhán Kilfeather

- Vol. 3. Introductory Note; Leonora (1806); Harrington (1817); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Marilyn Butler and Susan Manly

- Vol. 4. Introductory Note; Manoeuvring (1809); Vivian (1812); Endnotes; Textual Variants Edited by Claire Connolly with Marilyn Butler

- Vol. 5. Introductory Note; The Absentee (1812); Madame de Fleury (1809); Emilie de Coulanges (1812); Endnotes; Textual Note; Textual Variants. Edited by Heidi van de Veire and Kim Walker

- Vols. 6-7. Introductory Note; Patronage (1814); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Conor Carville and Marilyn Butler

- Vol. 8. Introductory Note; Ormond (1817); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Claire Connolly

- Vol. 9. Introductory Note; Helen (1834); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Susan Manly and Clíona ÓGallchoir

- Vol. 10. Selected short fiction. Introductory note; "Preface," "Lazy Lawrence," "Waste Not, Want Not," "Forgive and Forget," "Simple Susan," "The Mimic," "The Orphans," "The Basket Woman," "The White Pigeon," The Parent's Assistant (1800); "Forester," "Angelina," Moral Tales for Young People (1801); Endnotes; Textual Variants. Edited by Elizabeth Eger and Clíona ÓGallchoir

- Vol. 11. Introductory Note; Acknowledgments and Dedication; Practical Education (1798); Index; Endnotes; Textual Variants; Plates. Edited by Susan Manly

- Vol. 12. Introductory Note; "Lame Jervas," "The Grateful Negro," Popular Tales (1804); "Harry and Lucy," "Rosamond," "Frank," "The Little Dog Trusty," "The Orange Man," "The Cherry Orchard," Early Lessons (1801); Endnotes; Textual Variants; Manuscript Material Introductory Note; Whim for Whim (1798); Endnotes; List of Errata; Index. Edited by Elizabeth Eger, Clíona ÓGallchoir, and Marilyn Butler

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