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A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood


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This is the first descriptive bibliography of the works of Eliza Haywood (1693?-1756) and her partner, William Hatchett (1701?-1749?). It has been awarded the Modern Language Association prize for Distinguished Bibliography 2006.

The works have been separated and organized using the principles outlined by P N Furbank and W R Owens in The Canonisation of Daniel Defoe. Evidence for and history of attribution is discussed within the headnotes, and biographical information is given wherever possible, along with the title's publishing history. The bibliography contains many fresh attributions, locates 'lost' and difficult to find Haywood titles and lists dozens of unrecognized translations. It also contains a record of every reprint, facsimile, micro-format reproduction and e-text of works by Haywood; as well as a complete description of all the works published by her and those written by William Hatchett. Likewise, there is an account of all the works that have been attributed to Haywood in the last three hundred years. The history, arguments and evidence for each attribution is considered in full, both for those works accepted as part of the Haywood canon and those rejected.

Patrick Spedding is an expert on the work of Eliza Haywood and has spent many years compiling this comprehensive and descriptive bibliography of Haywood. He produced the detailed descriptions of the history of texts after the personal examination of multiple copies of books held in rare books collections throughout the world. The account of the publication of each title brings together bibliographical and biographical information from a multitude of published and unpublished sources.

The bibliography will be of interest to researchers in women writers and eighteenth century culture, as well as booksellers and others with an interest in the history of books and reading.


- Lists newly discovered work and gives the history of lost works

- Covers 375 imprints, including 28 translations

- Evidence for each attribution is discussed and the history of the attribution is considered

- Awarded the Modern Language Association prize for Distinguished Bibliography 2006

Bibliographical information:

A Bibliography of Eliza Haywood, edited by Patrick Spedding, London: Pickering & Chatto, 2004.

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