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Chawton House Library: Women's Memoirs


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Hrsg. v. Jennie Batchelor


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1) Women's Theatrical Memoirs

2) Women's Court and Society Memoirs

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Chawton House Library: Women's Memoirs are multi-volume editions with full texts reproduced in facsimile with new scholarly apparatus. The texts have been carefully selected to illustrate various themes in women's history.


Women's Studies, Literature, Theatre Studies, Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Studies, Romanticism, Travel Writing, Biography and Political History

Published titles:

1) Women's Theatrical Memoirs


By the close of the eighteenth century, the theatrical memoir had become a popular and established genre. The texts brought together in this ten-volume facsimile collection present the lives of some of the most celebrated actresses of their day. As well as offering fascinating accounts of the late eighteenth-century stage, these memoirs also provide revealing insights into contemporary constructions of gender, sexuality and fame.


- All texts are republished in full

- Selected for their rarity, the texts are drawn from Chawton House's unparalleled collection

- Most of the texts included have never before been republished

- Each set in the series includes a substantial general introduction, headnotes, endnotes and a consolidated index in their final volume

- Each facsimile page is digitally cleaned and enhanced, significantly improving on the quality and legibility of the original


Part I

- Volume 1: Mary Robinson, Memoirs of the Late Mrs Robinson (1801)

- Volumes 2 & 3: James Boaden, The Life of Mrs Jordan (1831)

- Volumes 4 & 5: Thomas Campbell, Life of Mrs Siddons (1834)

Part II

- Volumes 6-8: Elizabeth Steele, The Memoirs of Mrs Sophia Baddeley (1787)

- Volume 9: Leah Sumbel, Memoirs of the Life of Mrs Sumbel, Part I (1811)

- Volume 10: Leah Sumbel, Memoirs of the Life of Mrs Sumbel, Part II (1811), [A Gentleman], Memoirs of George Anne Bellamy (1785)

2) Women's Court and Society Memoirs


These exhuberant stories of intrigue and scandal paint a vivid and colourful picture of society life.


Part I

- Volumes 1-2: [Lady Charlotte Bury], Diary Illustrative of the Times of George the Fourth (1838)

- Volumes 3-4: Catherine E Cary, Memoirs of Miss C E Cary (1825)

Part II

- Volume 5: Elizabeth Hervey, Life and Memoirs of Elizabeth Chudleigh (1789)

- Volume 6: Mary Anne Clarke, The Rival Princes; Or, A Faithful Narrative of Facts, Relating To Mrs M A Clarke's Political Acquaintance (1810)

- Volume 7: Pauline Adelaide Alexandre Panam, Memoirs of a Young Greek Lady (1823)

- Volumes 8 and 9: Elizabeth Craven, Memoirs of the Margravine of Anspach, Formerly Lady Craven (1826)

Bibliographical information:

- Batchelor, Jennie, ed. Women's Theatrical Memoirs, 1610-1725. Series editor, Jennie Batchelor. Volume editors: Sue Mcpherson, Sharon M Setzer and Julia Swindells. 10 vols. Part I, vols. 1-5. Part II, vols. 6-10. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2007-2008.

- Culley, Amy, ed. Women's Court and Society Memoirs. Edited by Amy Culley. 9 vols. Part I. Vols 1-4. Part II. Vols 5-9. London: Pickering & Chatto, 2009-2010.

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