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Women Writing Home, 1700-1920


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Female Correspondence across the British Empire


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Women Writing Home assembles a wide range of women's letters from the former British Empire, in the most comprehensive, modern and scholarly reset edition to date.

These letters 'written home' are not only straightforward historical sources; they are also representations of the state of the Empire in far-off lands sent home to Britain and, occasionally, other centres established as 'home'. The letters reveal the many different ways in which women perceived colonial society. Sometimes the new context offered opportunities unavailable at home but often these letter-writing women pined for what they had left behind.

Organized by geographical region, the set pays close attention to the regional and local specificities of colonial situations in various parts of the British Empire: from the settler colonies of North America, Australia and New Zealand to the isolated military and administrative outposts in Asia and the complex ethnic and economic situation of South Africa.

These six volumes of letters are an important research tool for those working in a wide range of disciplines, from history to economics, from literature to cultural and gender studies.


- Most of the letters have never before been published

- Based on new transcriptions of manuscript sources from archives around the world

- Consolidated index

Bibliographical information:

Women Writing Home, 1700-1920: Female Correspondence across the British Empire. General editor, Klaus Stierstorfer. 6 vols. London; Brookfield, Vt.: Pickering & Chatto, 2006.

- Vol. 1. Africa. Edited by Silke Strickrodt. General Introduction; Bibliography; Volume Introduction; Note on the Text; Bibliography; Sabina Peter Clemens, Sierra Leone, 1851-63; Henrietta Elise König/Knödler, Sierra Leone, 1860-5; Lady Florence Dixie, South Africa, 1881; Jane Moir, Lake Nyasa and Lake Tanganyika, 1890; Ada Slatter, Transvaal, East African Protectorate and Rhodesia, 1904-21; Editorial Notes

- Vol. 2. Australia. Edited by Deirdre Coleman. Volume Introduction; Bibliography; New South Wales: Elizabeth Macarthur, 1789-1838 ; Elizabeth Macarthur, junior, 1817-18; Margaret Catchpole, 1802-11; Mary Wild, 1817-26; Christiana Blomfield, 1824-39; Fanny Macleay, 1826-36; Western Australia: Georgiana Molloy, 1832-41; Charlotte Bussell, 1839-53; Tasmania: Jane Franklin, 1837-42; South Australia: Mary Thomas, 1838-40; Editorial Notes

- Vol. 3. Canada. Edited by Cecily Devereux and Kathleen Venema. Volume Introduction; Bibliography; Early Colonial Period: Elizabeth Russell to Elizabeth Fairlie Kiernan, 1792-9; Women and Settlement: Rebecca Radcliff to the Reverend Thomas Radcliff and 'Bridget Lacy' to 'Mary', 1832; Alice Rendell's Circular Letters, 1903-5; Barbara Alice Slater to Lilian ('Lily Anna') and Ellen Clement, 1809-18; Colonial Administration: Frances Simpson; Isobel Finlayson; Letitia Hargrave; Travelling Women: Anna Brownell Jameson to Ottilie von Goethe, 1836-7; Clara, Lady Rayleigh, to her Mother; Editorial Notes

- Vol. 4. India. Edited by Klaus Stierstorfer. Introduction; Bibliography; Family and Society: Sophia Plowden, Calcutta, 1783; Matilda Spry, Bengal, 1856-9; Alice Massy, India 1875; Pioneer Women: Marie Elizabeth Hayes, Missonary Doctor, 1906-7; Margaret Noble / Sister Nivedita, 1911; Cornelia Sorabji to Mary, Lady Hobhouse and to Sir Valentine Chirol, India, 1893-; Editorial Notes

- Vol. 5. New Zealand. Edited by Charlotte J. Macdonald. Volume Introduction; Bibliography; Sarah Selwyn, Letters from New Zealand (1842-68); Caroline Abraham, Letters from New Zealand (1850-70); Sarah Greenwood, Letters from New Zealand (1843-89); Jane Maria Atkinson, Letters to Margaret Taylor (1853-1910); Georgina Bowen, Letters from New Zealand (1851-82); Editorial Notes

- Vol. 6. USA. Edited by Susan Imbarrato. Introduction; Bibliography; Domestic Concerns and Familial Connections: Sarah Cary, West Indies and Massachusetts, 1779-1824; Elizabeth Farmar, Philadelphia, 1774-89; Loyalist and Patriot: Anne Hulton, Boston, 1767-76; Esther de Berdt Reed, Philadelphia, 1770-80; Social Concerns and Advocacy: Mary Anne Estlin, Boston and New York, 1868; Editorial Notes; Consolidated Index

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