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Online-Service mit Zugang zu internationalen Ton- und Filmdokumenten der darstellenden Künste im Streaming-Video-Verfahren. Das Angebot deckt einen Zeitraum von über 50 Jahren ab und beinhaltet auch bisher unveröffentlichte Dokumente. Der Zugriff auf die Videos ist thematisch sowie durch einen Index der Künstler und einen Stichwort-Index möglich. Updates: vierteljährlich.


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Taylor & Francis

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After two years of dedicated research and development, Routledge and Digital Theatre launched the Routledge Performance Archive at the Theatre and Performance Research Association (TaPRA) Conference in September. The theme of the launch event, "Have your cake and eat it", enticed many of the conference delegates for drinks and cupcakes, before screening the Archive's new video which took them on a tour through its many features. In addition to showing the delegates what the Archive could offer, iPads were provided to allow them to search the content and become familiar with the site's various features.

Unique access to a world-class selection of primary audiovisual materials by some of the world's greatest practitioners.

The Archive represents a first in theatre and performance studies publishing. Included here are interviews with key figures in theatre history and contemporary practice; master-classes with specialist actor trainers from around the world; unique footage direct from the legendary practitioners themselves; excerpted and full-length contemporary productions; and documentaries previously unavailable to global audiences. This fully searchable, contextualized and cross-referenced resource includes over forty hours of material brought together for the first time from a number of private archives and will continue to grow. Future updates will include selected critical commentaries (both existing and specially commissioned) and audio-visual materials from the British Library and the Victoria & Albert Museum.

Highlights in the Archive include interviews with Stanislavski's translator, the late Jean Benedetti, and a 1993 workshop by Mike Pearson, co-director of the recent Royal Shakespeare Company/National Theatre Wales production of Coriolanus for the World Shakespeare Festival. Also included is a full-length video of Ecole Lecoq teacher Jos Houben's current production The Art of Laughter, Antonio Fava's classic piece on Commedia dell'arte which demonstrates techniques dating back to the 16th century, and unique material by Chicago-based Goat Island and Guillermo Gomez-Pena of La Pocha Nostra, all now available to view online. Featuring the classics alongside the contemporary, the Archive also includes pieces, sourced separately, featuring Rena Mirecka, one of Jerzy Grotowski's key collaborators - The Dream (2009) and Acting Therapy from 1976. This is just one example of how the Routledge Performance Archive allows such content to be digitally juxtaposed for the first time.

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