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South Asia Archive


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Editors in Chief:
Professor Boria Majumdar, University of Central Lancashire, UK, Dr. Sharmistha Gooptu, South Asia Research Foundation, Advisory Editor: Dr. Kausik Bandyopadhyay, West Bengal State University, Barasat


Inhalt :: Content

Online-Service mit Zugang zu kulturellen, geschichtlichen und literarischen Dokumenten aus und über den indischen Subkontinent. Das Archiv mit einem Gesamtumfang von über 5 Millionen Seiten beinhaltet urheberrechtsfreie Quellenmaterialien aus dem 18. Jahrhundert bis zur Mitte des 20. Jahrhunderts. Das Material umfasst Zeitschriften, Bücher, Berichte und Gesetzestexte.


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Taylor & Francis

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Launching in 2013, the South Asia Archive is a specialist digital platform providing global electronic access to culturally and historically significant literary material produced from within, and about, the South Asian region. It is not merely a repository, but a vehicle for targeted research, and one which has been intelligently structured to ensure efficient content discovery:

- Documents have been selected and catalogued by subject specialist editors, with expert commentaries provided to guide users through serial content.

- 5 million pages of digitized primary and secondary material in a mix of English and vernacular languages dating back to the start of the 18th Century, up to the mid-20th Century.

- Derived from original archive materials held by the South Asia Research Foundation (SARF).

- Online access to previously unavailable resources in South Asian studies.

- Versatile resource with benefits for researchers, lecturers and students across a diverse range of subject areas.

Publication Types

Documents included in the South Asia Archive can be divided into 5 main categories covering all available publication types:


Substantial runs of more than 200 journals in a range of subjects published from India and South Asia, including early journals such as Asiatic Researches (first published in 1788), Indian Review, Modern Review and Calcutta Gazette. There is also an array of vernacular journals such as: Bharatbarsha, Prabasi, Manasi, and Sachitra.


A diverse collection of reports from colonial and post-colonial India, including volumes of the 1901, 1911, 1931, 1951 and 1961 Indian Census documents, and the near complete set of the Calcutta Riots of 1946. Gazetteers from a range of Indian states such as Bengal, Madhya Pradesh, and Maharastra are also available.


An extensive range of books, consisting of series such as The Bibliotheca Indica, a collection of oriental works published by the Asiatic Society of Bengal. It includes translations of the Upanishads, commentaries on Sanskrit grammatical, philosophical and legal treatises, and such works as the Suddhikaumudi, a Sanskrit treatise on Hindu laws of defilement and purification.

Legislations, Acts, Regulations, Law books/Cases

Subject Classifications

Documents included in the South Asia Archive will be of interest to those studying in the following areas:

- Administration, Development, Industry, Economics and Law

- Art and Art History

- Literature, Language and Linguistics

- Culture, Society, Cinema and Media Studies

- Civilization Studies, Religion, Philosophy and History

- Education

- Politics, Government and Public Policy

- Indology, Ancient History, Anthropology and Archaeology

- Science, Technology, Agriculture and Environment

- Urban Planning, Medicine and Health

Key Product Features

- A unique indexing system ensures a superior level of searchability and discoverability within the Archive, including related searches and popular search terms.

- Multiple navigation routes and browsing options to ensure that the appropriate material is located in the fewest number of clicks.

- A platform that will enhance the content by permitting the addition of user generated keywords.

- User accounts from which to manage personal information, access saved searches and reading lists, and submit keywords for moderation.

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