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Oxford Reference


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Online-Service mit integriertem Zugriff auf über 420 Sachwörterbücher, Sprachwörterbücher und sonstige Nachschlagewerke aller Fachrichtungen. Außerdem werden verschiedene biographische Nachschlagewerke und übergreifende Referenzwerke (wie Abkürzungs-, Zitaten- oder Vornamensverzeichnisse) angeboten.

Die verfügbaren Titel basieren auf den jeweils aktuellen Ausgaben der Verlage Oxford University Press und Continuum und können einzeln, nach Themen gruppiert oder insgesamt durchsucht werden.

Während die in Oxford Quick Reference vereinten 135 Titel im Rahmen eines Jahresabonnements bezogen werden können, können die 270 Titel, welche die Oxford Reference Library ausmachen, auch einzeln durch einmaligen Kauf erworben werden. Oxford Reference PREMIUM hingegen bietet Zugang zu allen Titeln der Quick Reference-Titel sowie zu einer Auswahl von i.d.R. 1-bändigen Titeln der Reference Library im Rahmen eines Jahresabonnements. Updates: viermonatlich (Oxford Quick Reference), laufend (Oxford Reference Library).

Oxford Reference

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Oxford University Press

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Oxford Quick Reference
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Oxford Reference Library

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978-0-19-960586-6 (Oxford Reference)

978-0-19-955785-1 (Oxford Reference Library)

978-0-19-967170-0 (Oxford Quick Reference)

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Oxford Reference is the home of Oxford's quality reference publishing, bringing together over 2 million entries, many of which are illustrated, into a single cross-searchable resource. With a fresh and modern look and feel, and specifically designed to meet the needs and expectations of reference users, Oxford Reference provides quality, up-to-date reference content at the click of a button. Made up of two main collections, both fully integrated and cross-searchable, Oxford Reference couples Oxford's trusted A-Z reference material with an intuitive design to deliver a discoverable, up-to-date, and expanding reference resource.

Oxford Quick Reference: Quickly check a fact, or find out key information about a concept, person, or term

  • A collection of over 175 core academic subject, language, and quotations dictionaries providing carefully vetted quick results that users can trust
  • Monthly updating programme to maintain currency of content
  • Full content releases 3 times a year with new titles and updated editions
  • Collection available by annual subscription to individuals and institutions worldwide

Oxford Reference Library: Research a term, concept, or person in-depth with articles and essays

  • Pick and mix from over 270 in-depth and specialist titles from Oxford's award-winning Encyclopedias and Companions, and a critical selection of partner publishers' specialist scholarly works
  • Delve deeper into a subject, furthering your research needs
  • New titles added and available for purchase throughout the year
  • Available for purchase by institutions on a title-by-title basis

Oxford Reference PREMIUM

  • Oxford's signature subscription package.
  • Includes all the titles in the foundational Quick Reference service plus a selection of in-depth, single-volume works from Reference Library, many of them being Oxford Companions.

Key Features

  • Overview pages: Over 300,000 pages defining each unique term in Oxford Reference, together with clever onward navigation, all completely free and discoverable from the open web
  • Timelines: 270 free Timelines organized by time period, area, and theme, with each event linked to a free entry in Oxford Reference
  • Intuitive design and functionality: Navigate to content quickly and easily with enhanced linking and Overview pages
  • Quotations title: Oxford Essential Quotations
  • Library widget: Log in to Oxford Reference quickly and easily, and choose whether to see results from all of Oxford Reference or only full text entries available via your library
  • Quick & Advanced search: Catering for all levels of user, and allowing you to save time with fast, simple searching, sorting and filtering across broad or specific search terms
  • Customization: Keep your research organized by saving your research journey, favourite titles, and entries, saving valuable research time
  • Share content: With integrated tools including social bookmarking, email, and citation export
  • Discoverability: MARC 21 records are available at title level, and Open URL increase discoverability and usage of library resources. The Oxford Index Underbar offers a free search and discovery service showing links to related content from all Oxford University Press online content. So if you're searching "modernism" in Oxford Reference, the underbar will draw from a variety of Oxford resources to give you a selection of relevant works, from research guides to critical essays. Click on the arrows located at the bottom of your browser to expand the underbar and see how it can enhance your search experience. For more information about the Oxford Index watch our video or go to
  • Illustrations: Many illustrated entries and articles, including colour photographs, line diagrams, maps, flags, and tables

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