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The History of Afghanistan Online


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Fayż Muḥammad Kātib Hazārah's Sirāj al-tawārīkh

Übers. und hrsg. v. R. D. McChesney und M. M. Khorrami


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Vom afghanischen Emir Habib Allah Khan in Auftrag gegebene, offizielle nationale Geschichte Afghanistans. Ursprünglich auf Persisch geschrieben, gibt die Geschichte Afghanistans einen detaillierten Überblick über die Stammes- und Staatenbeziehungen, die Gesetzesregeln, die Geschlechterrollen und die Ökonomie Afghanistans seit seiner Gründung im Jahre 1747 bis zum Anfang des 20. Jahrhunderts.

The History of Afghanistan Online

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Brill Academic Publishers

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The Sirāj al-tawārīkh is the most important history of Afghanistan ever written. It was commissioned as an official national history by the Afghan prince, later amir, Habib Allah Khan (reigned 1901-1919). The author, Fayz Muhammad Khan, better known as "Katib" (The Writer), was a scribe at the royal court. For more than twenty years, he had full access to government archives and oral sources and thus presents an unparalleled picture of the country from its founding in 1747 until the end of the nineteenth century. The roots of much of the fabric of Afghanistan's society today—tribe and state relations, the rule of law, gender issues, and the economy—are elegantly and minutely detailed in this immense work. The publication of the multi-volume Sirāj al-tawārīkh was originally envisioned by its author as a four-volume work. In the midst of printing volume three in Kabul, publication was summarily suppressed by the Amir of Afghanistan in the early 1920s. Almost nine decades later, the unpublished portion of the suppressed volume three and its subsequent volume four were acquired by the National Archives of Afghanistan in 2008 and a Kabul edition published in the original language in 2011. The English translation of these newly discovered volumes to the existing online resource have now been added, completing this unique resource on Afghanistan. The new content covers life in Afghanistan between 1896 and 1925, and encompasses ca. 3,000 pages in English. This brings The History of Afghanistan to ca. 5,000 translated pages in total.

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  • Outright purchase
  • The complete work encompasses ca. 5000 pages in English

The History of Afghanistan is also available as a set of 11 volumes in print, covering all four volumes of this unique resource on Afghanistan.

Features and Benefits

  • Full-text searchable
  • Links to the Persian text will be added in the future

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