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Handbook of Ecomaterials


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Hrsg. v. Leticia Myriam Torres-Martinez, Oxana Vasilievna Kharissova und Boris Ildusovich Kharisov

Online, Print + Online

Print: 2019, XLVIII, 3.773 Seiten, gebunden

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Springer Nature (Springer-Verlag)

Handbook of Ecomaterials

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978-3-319-68255-6 (Online)

978-3-319-68256-3 (Print + Online)

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In this handbook, the editors systematically present the maximum possible number of known eco-materials, including "cyclic" materials; materials for ecology and environmental protection; materials for society and human health; and materials for energy based on two main criteria: their sources and their functions. Eco-materials (also called "environmentally friendly materials" or "environmentally preferable" materials) are materials that enhance, or refrain from damaging, the environment throughout their life cycles.

The chapters are written by global leaders in their fields. The book will cater to the strong and ever-increasing demand for energy, benign materials, and cost efficiency. Eco-materials is arguably one of the most important fields of modern science & technology.

About this book

  • An expansive, multidisciplinary approach on the use of eco-materials
  • Discusses eco-materials energy renewal applications
  • Authoritative treatment of high-interest topics, concisely written and replete with illustrations

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