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Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms


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Hrsg. v. Henrik Hargitai und Ákos Kereszturi

Online, Print + Online

Print: 2015, 1.100 Seiten, gebunden

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Springer Nature

Encyclopedia of Planetary Landforms

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978-1-4614-3134-3 (Online)

978-1-4614-3135-0 (Print + Online)

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This encyclopedic review is an up-to-date and comprehensive reference guide to planetary landforms. The entries, written by leading academics of each field, will provide textual and visual materials incorporating the findings of cutting edge international research.

The target audience of the encyclopedia includes graduate students in Earth and Planetary Science programs, researchers, academics as well as government and the industry professionals working in the field.

The Encyclopedia will provide in-depth entries on landforms formed by volcanic, tectonic, erosional, aeolian, fluvial, glacial, lacustrine, impact and mass movement processes, developed under various environmental conditions, and containing different materials. Entries will describe the landform types' formation, characteristics, distribution, related landforms and a list the most prominent examples, including informally named and unnamed landforms.

The Encyclopedia will also have entries on hundreds of selected individual landforms, their formation and various properties, complete with spacecraft imagery. Entries will be fully referenced and cross-referenced with other entries. The encyclopedia will also include full color original topographic and photomosaic maps of planets and moons with nomenclature and various data. The maps can be also used as an index for landforms.

The Encyclopedia will have a systematic structure and A-Z format allowing easy navigation between entries and their synonyms. The completed Encyclopedia will be published as a printed reference book as well as in a fully-searchable HTML online format as part of the Springer online reference materials.

About this book

  • Includes original photographic and topographical thematic maps
  • Gives a widespread and comprehensive overview of the different types of planetary surface features and how they evolved
  • Covers all solar system planetary bodies and moons in an alphabetical approach

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