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Encyclopedia of Scientific Dating Methods


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Series: Encyclopedia of Earth Sciences Series

Hrsg. v. W. Jack Rink und Jeroen W. Thompson

Online, Print + Online

Print: 2015, 1.000 Seiten, gebunden

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Springer Nature

Encyclopedia of Scientific Dating Methods

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978-94-007-6304-3 (Online)

978-94-007-6306-7 (Print + Online)

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The main purpose of the volume is to provide a synthesis of (1) the physical and chemical bases of dating methods, and (2) the applications of dating methods to the geological sciences, biology, and archaeology. This volume will serve as the most comprehensive treatise of widely-accepted dating methods in the earth sciences and related fields. No other volume has a similar scope, in terms of methods and applications and particularly time range.

Dating methods are used to determine the timing and rate of various processes, such as sedimentation (terrestrial and marine), tectonics, volcanism, geomorphological change, cooling rates, crystallization, fluid flow, glaciation, climate change and evolution.

The volume includes applications in terrestrial and extraterrestrial settings, the burgeoning field of molecular clock dating and topics in the intersection of earth sciences with forensics.

The contents aim for breadth in techniques and applications. Included are all major accepted dating techniques and as well as all major datable materials.

About this book

  • The volume is completely comprehensive, covering all dating methods in the earth sciences
  • The volume covers both young and old ages, while competing texts focus mainly on one or the other end of the time range
  • The applications of the dating methods will be more detailed, and more comprehensive, than other works
  • Highly interdisciplinary - stretching from earth science to archaeology to life science

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