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The Making of Modern Law (MOML):
Foreign Primary Sources Part I, 1600-1970


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Gale Cengage

The Making of Modern Law (MOML): Foreign Primary Sources Part I, 1600-1970

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The 7th installment in Gale's widely popular The Making of Modern Law series complements the collection of treatises found in Foreign, Comparative and International Law 1600-1926. Importantly, it provides an interpretive analysis with books on codes, the "primary sources" of law. This archive will operate as the first of two parts, with the second part covering southern Europe, Latin America, and jurisdictions outside Europe.


- Statutes and codes of northern, central, and eastern European jurisdictions

- 50% in English; 50% in western European languages

- Source libraries: Yale Law Library; Harvard Law School Library; George Washington University Law Library

- Over 1,500 titles

- 1.4 million pages

Document Types:

This collection includes regulations, session laws, journals, and codes and commentaries. Included codes fall into several categories:

- Administration of Justice

- Civil Law

- Civil Procedure

- Commercial Law

- Criminal Law

- Criminal Procedure

- Customary Law

- Forestry and Agricultural Law

- Maritime Law

- Military Law

- Other Codes and Commentaries

Countries include:

- Great Britain

- Ireland

- France

- Germany

- Austria

- Switzerland

- Netherlands

- Belgium

- Denmark

- Sweden


The Making of Modern Law: Foreign Primary Sources, 1600-1970 is sourced from the outstanding collections of the Yale, Harvard, and George Washington University Law Libraries.

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