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Oxford Research Encyclopedias (ORE):
Encyclopedia of Social Work


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Oxford University Press

Oxford Research Encyclopedias (ORE): Encyclopedia of Social Work

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The Encyclopedia of Social Work site transforms the classic reference work of the same name into a consistently-updated resource for a lifetime of social service. Developed through a unique partnership between the National Association of Social Workers Press and Oxford University Press, the digital Encyclopedia brings together the expertise of two leaders in their respective fields, making it the most trusted, timely social work reference available today. With high-quality, scholarly articles that offer practical applications for social workers in the field, this foundational guide provides valuable insights for students, faculty, and practitioners at all levels of experience. New and revised articles are added to the collection each month, ensuring that users can access to the most up-to-date information available.

In print for nearly a century, Encyclopedia of Social Work reference book serves as an essential tool for the social work community. This new online Encyclopedia is not merely a digital replica of the book, but a dynamic, living resource that offers immediate publication of new articles and regular updating of existing articles. Articles range from concise overviews to 8,000 word analyses, offering users of any level an opportunity to meet their research goals.

Peer-reviewed and backed by an experienced editorial board, Encyclopedia of Social Work offers a wealth of information to support scholarly research, as well as practical applications for social workers in the field. Editor in Chief Cynthia Franklin, Professor at the Austin School of Social Work, spent ten years working in clinical social work before pursuing academia, and brings this dual perspective to her work on the Encyclopedia. For example, an article on substance abuse might contain sections on "Best Practices" and "Ethical Issues" that present complicated dilemmas and advice for working through them. For this reason, the Encyclopedia of Social Work site proves valuable to anyone in the social work community, from practitioners and faculty who have worked for decades, to students ready to embark on social work careers.

The site features the latest functionality and a clean, straightforward layout, allowing quick and easy access to articles anywhere, at any time. Users are directed immediately to quality content, with additional support from a number of free supplemental pages: an NASW "about page," further resources for practitioners, information for authors, and more. Articles are arranged in a 24-subject alphabetized taxonomy and span an array of specialties. Ethics and Values feature as a prominent category while a section is devoted specifically to the "Social Work Profession."

Encyclopedia of Social Work's continuous publishing model represents a new, innovative approach to deliver the most current content to today's researchers. Articles in the areas of healthcare, mental health, and family care, in particular, have received significant review and update since their publication in the 20th edition of Encyclopedia of Social Work. Further articles, focused on the latest trending topics in social work will be added on a monthly basis.

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