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University of Toronto Press Journals Online


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu 25 Fachzeitschriften der University of Toronto Press. Aus einer Vielzahl von geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Fachbereichen. Updates: laufend.


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University of Toronto Press

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University of Toronto Press Journals Online offers the reader enhanced journal editions which encourage further exploration and research. Online editions and complete archives include features not available in the print versions such as supplementary information, colour photos, videos, audio files, etc. Subscribers to the online journals benefit from early access to the latest articles and full issues as well as the many easy-to-use research tools such as an advanced search function which allows results to be organized by article summaries, abstracts, or citations and bookmark, export, print a specific page, chapter or article.

Current content

Access all current issues of 25 online journals - hundreds of articles, reviews and commentaries:

- Canadian Historical Review

- Canadian Journal of Criminology and Criminal Justice

- Canadian Journal of Information and Library Science

- Canadian Journal of Linguistics

- Canadian Journal of Mathematics

- Canadian Journal of Mathematics/Canadian Mathematical Bulletin Combined

- Canadian Journal of Women and the Law

- Canadian Mathematical Bulletin

- Canadian Modern Language Review

- Canadian Public Policy

- Canadian Review of American Studies

- Canadian Theatre Review

- Cartographica

- The Champlain Society

- Diaspora

- Eighteenth-Century Fiction

- Essential JSP: Critical Insights into the World of Scholarly Publishing

- Histoire sociale/Social History

- INFOR: Information Systems and Operational Research

- International Journal

- Journal of Canadian Studies

- Journal of Religion and Popular Culture

- Journal of Scholarly Publishing

- Journal of Veterinary Medical Education

- Modern Drama

- Physiotherapy Canada

- Seminar: A Journal of Germanic Studies

- The Tocqueville Review

- Toronto Journal of Theology

- Ultimate Reality and Meaning

- University of Toronto Law Journal

- University of Toronto Quarterly

- Yearbook of Comparative Literature

Complete online archives

Access more than 20,000 articles, reviews and commentaries from some of the most influential authors over the past 100+ years:

- Canadian Historical Review (from 1896)

- Cartographica (from 1964)

- Seminar (from 1965)

- Canadian Review of American Studies (from 1970)

- Genocide Studies and Prevention (from 2006)

- Rotman International Journal of Pension Management (from 2008)

- SIMILE: Studies in Media and Information Literacy Education (from 2001 to 2009).

- University of Toronto Quarterly (from 1931)

- Toronto Journal of Theology (from 1985)

- Modern Drama (from 1958)

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