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Project MUSE: UPCC Book Collections


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 35.000 Veröffentlichungen von über 110, vorwiegend anglo-amerikanischen Universitätsverlagen aus einer Vielzahl von geistes- und sozialwissenschaftlichen Fachbereichen.

Die Titel können im Rahmen von copyrightjahresbezogenen Paketen (einzelne Jahre ab 2010, Archiv) und copyrightjahres- und fachbereichsbezogenen Paketen durch Datenkauf erworben werden. Darüber hinaus besteht die Möglichkeit des Bezugs im Rahmen eines Jahresabonnements (Current Subscription: laufendes Copyrightjahr + zwei zurückliegende Copyrightjahre, Archive Subscription: weiter zurückliegende Copyrightjahre). Updates: laufend.

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Johns Hopkins University Press

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University Press Content Consortium (UPCC) Books on Project MUSE offer thousands of peer-reviewed digital books from major university presses and scholarly publishers and allow books to be discovered and searched in an integrated environment with content from over 500 journals currently on MUSE.

UPCC Participating Publishers

- African Books Collective

- Association for Scottish Literary Studies

- Baylor University Press

- Brandeis University Press

- Brookings Institution Press

- Calgary Institute for Humanities

- Catholic University of America Press

- Center for Literary Publishing

- Central European University Press

- Chinese University Press

- Cork University Press

- Cornell University Press

- Cornell University East Asia Program

- Dartmouth College Press

- Duke University Press

- Duquesne University Press

- ELT Press

- The Feminist Press

- Fordham University Press

- Fortress Press

- Franciscan Institute Publications

- Gallaudet University Press

- Georgetown University Press

- Hong Kong University Press

- Indiana University Press

- Institute of Southeast Asian Studies

- Jewish Publication Society

- Johns Hopkins University Press

- Kent State University Press

- Lawrence & Wishart (coming 2015)

- Leuven University Press

- Liberty Fund

- Louisiana State University Press

- Malaysian Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society

- Medieval Institute Publications

- Michigan State University Press

- Minnesota Historical Society Press

- The MIT Press

- National Bureau of Asian Research

- New York University Press

- Northern Illinois University Press

- Northeastern University Press

- Northwestern University Press

- NUS Press Ltd

- Ohio State University Press

- Ohio University Press

- Oregon State University Press

- Pennsylvania State University Press

- Presses de l'Université du Québec

- Princeton University Press

- Purdue University Press

- Red Hen Press

- RIT Press

- Russell Sage Foundation

- Rutgers University Press

- School for Advanced Research Press

- Slavica Publishers

- Southern Illinois University Press

- SUNY Press

- Syracuse University Press

- Tagus Press at UMass Dartmouth

- Temple University Press

- Texas A&M University Press

- Texas Christian University Press

- Texas State Historical Association

- Texas Tech University Press

- Tufts University Press

- University of Akron Press

- University of Alabama Press

- University of Arizona Press

- University of Arkansas Press

- University of California Press

- University of Georgia Press

- University of Hawaii Press

- University of Illinois Press

- University of Iowa Press

- University of Massachusetts Press

- University of Michigan Press

- University of Minnesota Press

- University of Missouri Press

- University of Nebraska Press

- University of Nevada Press

- University of New Hampshire Press

- University of New Mexico Press

- University of North Carolina Press

- University of North Texas Press

- University of Notre Dame Press

- University of Ottawa Press

- University of Pennsylvania Press

- University of Pittsburgh Press

- University of South Carolina Press

- University of Tennessee Press

- University of Texas Press

- University of Vermont Press

- University of Virginia Press

- University of Washington Press

- University of Wisconsin Press

- University Press of Colorado

- University Press of Florida

- University Press of Kansas

- University Press of Kentucky

- University Press of Mississippi

- University Press of New England

- Utah State University Press

- Vanderbilt University Press

- Wayne State University Press

- Wesleyan University Press

- West Virginia University Press

- W.E. Upjohn Institute

- Wilfrid Laurier University Press

Collection Features

UPCC Books on Project MUSE offer peer-reviewed books from university presses and scholarly publishers and feature:

- Collections sold in full calendar year packages

- Unlimited simultaneous usage of book content, with no DRM and no restrictions on printing or downloading

- Digital book released at the same time as the print book

- Ownership and perpetual access rights for books purchased

- Books in PDF format

- Books searchable and retrievable to the chapter level

- COUNTER-compliant usage statistics

- Free MARC records for all books

- Archival collections of backlist titles

- Books fully integrated on the MUSE platform with the ability to search across combined book and journal content or limit searches by content type.

Book Collection Descriptions

Complete Collections

All books in MUSE published or due to be published within a given year from all publishers.

Subject Collections

Archaeology and Anthropology

Contains archaeology, physical anthropology, and other, traditional ethnographic research, in addition to methodological and theoretical inquiries into archaeological and anthropological practices.

Classical Studies

Contains works concerned with the civilizations of the ancient Mediterranean, particularly Greece and Rome.

Ecology and Evolution

Includes a range of natural history, natural resource management, and human ecology titles.

Film, Theater, and Performing Arts

Includes film and media studies, theater and performance studies, and select music studies titles. (For works on contemporary popular music, see Global Cultural Studies.)

Global Cultural Studies

Contains American studies, ethnic studies —including Asian, Latin American, African-American, and indigenous studies—women's and gender studies, disability studies, and other works that fall within the rubric of contemporary cultural studies.

Higher Education

Contains works on the history and sociology of higher education (including individual institutions) and higher education practice, including a significant concentration of books on the theory, practice, and history of college-level rhetoric and composition pedagogy.


Includes titles covering a broad spectrum of regions and time periods reflective of the many historical sub-fields housed in a traditional Department of History. Also includes history of science, technology, and medicine, and select art history titles.

Language and Linguistics

Contains works on language and linguistics, including reference works and aids for language learners.


Includes literary criticism and literary theory, biographies of authors, and fiction/poetry from before 1950.

Philosophy and Religion

Contains works on philosophy, theology, and select religious studies titles, excluding histories of particular religious groups (see History or U.S. Regional Studies) and sociology of religion titles (See Global Cultural Studies).

Poetry, Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction

Contains contemporary fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction.

Political Science and Policy Studies

Includes political science, law, economics, and policy-oriented works in other fields, such as criminology, education, health, and the environment.


Includes psychology, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis. Excludes social psychology (see Global Cultural Studies)

United States Regional Studies

Includes local and regional U.S. history and cultural studies, reflecting the strong commitment to state and regional publishing shared by UPCC presses. U.S. Regional Studies may be purchased by geographic region:

- US Regional Studies, Midwest

- US Regional Studies, New England and Mid-Atlantic

- US Regional Studies, South

- US Regional Studies, West

Area Studies Collections

African Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address African culture and society in Africa.

American Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address U.S. national identity. Includes Asian-American, African-American, and Chicano/a studies.

Asian and Pacific Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles across the disciplines that address Asian and Pacific culture, politics, and society.

Jewish Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address Jewish history, culture, and religion. Includes Holocaust research and Israel Studies.

Latin American and Caribbean Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address Latin American and the Caribbean culture and society.

Middle Eastern Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address Middle Eastern culture, politics, and society.

Native American and Indigenous Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address the languages, cultures, histories, and/or current political struggles of indigenous peoples around the world.

Russian and East European Studies

Draws from the MUSE Complete collection to offer select titles from across the disciplines that address Russian and Eastern European culture and society.

Series Collections



A full set of books from a single publisher focused on a particular theme.

Booker T. Washington Papers

Complete 14-volume set of the writings and correspondence of Booker T. Washington, the most influential African American in the United States during his lifetime. Includes a complete bibliography of his writings.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works

Definitive English translation of the German editions of Dietrich Bonhoeffer Werke. This is a comprehensive and thoroughly annotated 17-volume series compiling the work of one of the most significant Protestant theologians of the twentieth century.


Hermeneia commentary series offers authoritative interpretation of the earliest texts of the biblical books. An initial 50-volume set is available.

Karl Marx & Frederick Engels: Collected Works

Definitive English language edition, completed, and contains all the works of Marx and Engels, whether published during their lifetimes or since, including their complete correspondence and newly discovered works.

Origin of UPCC

The University Press e-book Consortium (UPeC) emerged in 2009 to explore the feasibility of a university press–based e-book initiative. Five press directors serve as UPeC principals: Steve Maikowski, New York University Press; Alex Holzman, Temple University Press; Marlie Wasserman, Rutgers University Press; Eric Halpern, University of Pennsylvania Press; and Donna Shear, University of Nebraska Press.

UPeC planning and development was supported by two grants from The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Working from the outset with two groups of experienced consultants—Informed Strategies, which surveyed the needs of the library community, along with Chain Bridge Group, which developed and tested the business model—UPeC began its search for a business partner at the beginning of 2011.

JHUP's success in balancing the interests of publishers and librarians informed UPeC's selection of MUSE, according to Steve Maikowski, director of the New York University Press. "The efficiencies and cost savings resulting from this collaboration will bring far more revenue to participating presses than current third-party models," he said. "Because both initiatives are university-press based, there is a strong mission alliance."

In March 2011, MUSE announced it had entered into a new partnership with UPeC to create UPCC Book Collections on Project MUSE. The merger is part of a multimillion-dollar commitment to the ongoing growth and expansion of Project MUSE, according to director Dean Smith. "By leveraging the MUSE brand and investing in technology that ensures the program's future performance, we can grow at a rapid pace while continuing our 15-year tradition of providing quality scholarly content at a fair price."

UPCC Books launched on Project MUSE in January 2012. The book collections offer thousands of peer-reviewed digital books from over 65 major university presses and scholarly publishers and allow books to be discovered and searched in an integrated environment with content from nearly 500 journals currently on MUSE.

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