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Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers (EB-KALHP)


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East View Information Services, Kotobarabia

Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers (EB-KALHP)


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With apploxlmately 5,000 titles, the Kotobarabia Arab Leaders, Historians and Philosophers Collection; includes never before seen works of many great Arab scientists and teachers.

Included in the collection are contributions covering a millennium of canonical Arab thought from nearly 1,000 important, highly valued Arab thinkers, philosophers, historians, politicians, and theologians. These works formed the crucible for Arab culture, religion, philosophy, and political thought today.

Each e-book is a faithful rendition of the physical title, all scanned from original editions.


  • About 5,000 titles, including
    The Four Imams of the Sunni Sect: Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malek, Imam Ahmed Ibn Hambal, and Imam AI-Shafee Theil fatwas are considered the cornerstones of Sunni thought and practice
    Topics such as feminism, modern medicine, political reforms, including the Orabi Revolution, education, arts, religion, and more
    Writings and never before seen works of many great Arab scientists, teachers and thinkers


  • Content is mostly in Arabic, with metadata in both Arabic and transliteration
  • The search interface is in English


  • Arranged thematically and with accompanying MARC records

Key features

  • Printable and downloadable features
  • Ability to customize your titles list
  • Search functionalities by author, by title, by subject
  • Searchable PDF files in full-image and full-text
  • Type in Arabic on the virtual Arabic keyboard
  • Tracking option of favorite titles

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