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Sinica Sinoweb from Academia Sinica


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Sinica Sinoweb

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Sinica Sinoweb is the most in-depth, complete, and accurate research tool of Taiwan humanities. Research the latest archaeological findings from the prestigious Bulletin of the History and Philology Institute or access the Contemporary Neo-Confucianism Database, Legein Monthly, containing the most complete writings of the great master of Mou Zong-San (牟宗三). Sinica Sinoweb delivers these and more from the deep archives of Acadamia Sinica in Taipei.


- Online

- Traditional Chinese and English language interfaces, with cross-searchable titles


  • 14 journals covering modern and oral history, philology, drama and art, Chinese literature and philosophy, and more
  • Some journals published as early as 1928
  • 14 journals, as follows:
    1. History-Philology-Institute Bulletin
    2. Chinese-Literature-Philosophy-Institute Bulletin
    3. Modern-History-Institute Bulletin
    4. Research on Women in Modern Chinese History
    5. Oral History Journal
    6. Newsletter for Modern Chinese History
    7. Taiwan Journal of Anthropology
    8. Taiwan Historical Research
    9. Chinese Studies
    10. Thought and Words
    11. Shih-Huo Monthly
    12. Legein Semi-Annual Journal
    13. Legein Monthly
    14. Journal of Chinese Ritual, Theatre and Folklore

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