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Colonial America


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Complete CO5 files from The National Archives, UK, 1606-1822


Inhalt :: Content

Online-Service mit Zugang zu 1.450 Bänden der sogenannten "CO 5"-Reihe des englischen Nationalarchivs (The National Archives). Enthalten sind die Original-Korrespondenz zwischen der britischen Regierung und den Regierungen in den amerikanischen Kolonien der Jahre 1606 bis 1822. Dazu gehören Briefe, Gesetzesdokumente, Aufträge, gedruckte Pamphlete, Karten und weitere Materialarten zum damaligen Kolonialleben in Amerika.

Colonial America

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Adam Matthew Digital

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

Sourced from The National Archives UK, Colonial America offers access to thousands of documents on North America from 1606-1822. Described as an 'indispensable' resource for researchers of the early-modern Atlantic world and winner of Library Journal's 'Best Reference' Award, scholars and researchers have clamoured for access to this material for years.


Colonial America offers transformative research possibilities with full-text searching across all manuscript documents using Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR).

HTR is a groundbreaking search technology utilising artificial intelligence to deliver document-level full-text search results in manuscript material. The HTR application uses complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to determine possible combinations of characters in handwritten documents. This enables relevant handwritten text to be identified at document level, allowing users to easily navigate between highlighted search results.


  • Module I: Early Settlement, Expansion and Rivalries
  • Module II: Towards Revolution
  • Module III: The American Revolution
  • Module IV: Legislation and Politics in the Colonies
  • Module V: Growth, Trade and Development

Period Covered

  • 1606-1822

Source Archive

  • The National Archives, UK

Material Types

  • Letters
  • Charters and commissions
  • Orders to officials
  • Court records
  • Land grants and cadastral lists
  • Maps and building plans
  • Diaries
  • Newspapers
  • Printed pamphlets, broadsides and speeches
  • Texts of acts of assemblies
  • Military documents
  • Petitions
  • Public notices and proclamations
  • Financial documents
  • Shipping lists

Editorial Board

  • Max Edelson, University of Virginia
  • Craig Gallagher, Boston College
  • Patrick Griffin, Notre Dame University
  • Tim Lockley, University of Warwick
  • James Sidbury, Rice University
  • Neil York, Brigham Young University


  • Beginning and expansion of English settlement
  • The development of colonial institutions
  • Colonial legislation
  • Education
  • Economic and industrial development
  • Settlers' relationships with Native Americans
  • English/British relations with the Dutch, French and Spanish
  • Trade and protectionism
  • Taxation
  • Militias, garrisons and military preparedness
  • Warfare
  • Alliances and diplomacy
  • Peace negotiations
  • Naval matters
  • Piracy and privateering
  • Tobacco, sugar and other commodities
  • Religious matters
  • Slavery and the slave trade
  • Non-British immigration
  • Surveying and exploration
  • Colonial relationships with the British government
  • The Glorious Revolution
  • Political protest and unrest
  • The American Revolution

Key Features

  • Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) search technology delivering document-level full-text search results across all handwritten manuscript documents, view demo.
  • A five-module collection of complete set of CO 5 files from The National Archives, including material extracted from parent files and stored separately.
  • Comprehensive compilation of metadata for manuscript documents ensuring maximum searchability and ease of access for researchers.
  • Essays by leading academics to explore and contextualise the original material.
  • Map gallery showcasing extensive collection of colour maps associated with the material.

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