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Colloquium Digital Library of Life Sciences


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Morgan & Claypool Publishers

Synthesis Digital Library of Engineering and Computer Science

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Cell Biology and Molecular Biology


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COLLOQUIUM is an innovative information resource for research communities in the biomedical/ life sciences. It combines authoritative content with advanced digital delivery to create a resource that is substantially more useful and dynamic than traditional print and digital publications.

Content, Structure, and Scope

The basic component of the library is a 50- to 120-page electronic book that synthesizes an essential scientific topic, authored by a prominent researcher in the field. We call these Lectures because we believe that they offer unique value to the reader by providing more integration, analysis, and depth than typical journal review articles. We believe COLLOQUIUM Lectures are ideal summaries of essential subject areas for researchers, laboratory personnel, and students.

COLLOQUIUM is organized by series, each managed by a prominent consulting leader in the field. The series editor oversees topic and author selection, as well as peer review to assure quality.

Additional series and titles are added and revised as necessary, and new titles in each series are posted to the site as they become available. This constant influx makes the library dynamic in a way that has never been achieved with existing print or electronic products.

Over time, COLLOQUIUM will grow to encompass the entire scope of its subject disciplines. Our goal is to create one of the largest and most complete compilations of insight and knowledge in biomedical and life science.


COLLOQUIUM is expected to be useful to a broad range of researchers, lab personnel, and students in the biomedical/life sciences.

For the researcher, it provides an ideal introduction to new fields, as well as a method of staying abreast of developments in fast-moving areas of research. These are increasingly important benefits as the biomedical and life sciences become more interdisciplinary, and the pace of development accelerates.

For the professor and student, it provides a source of information on essential topics that will be more accessible and fully integrated than the journal literature, and that can be relied upon to be authoritative and complete.

COLLOQUIUM titles are available to licensing institutions campus-wide with unlimited concurrent use. Titles can also be saved, printed, and emailed, making them perfect for courses of any size.

Key Features and Advantages

The Lecture format:

- Enables user to more efficiently find information specific to their interest.

- Allows for a high level of authoritativeness, as authors focus on their area of active research, and are unrestricted in their use of color artwork, references, and length of their contribution

- Enables the library to be extremely current since Lectures in fast moving fields are published immediately and frequently updated. Also, Lectures are published as soon as they are completed, with publication schedules under a month.

- References are hyperlinked to the DOIs of cited sources (when available)

- Both simple and advanced searching is supported with the ability to personalize and save results.

COLLOQUIUM incorporates extensive reference linking both internally and externally. External linking using CrossRef and OpenURL standards provides instant access to linked sources from subscribed publishers.

An email alerting service delivers notification of the availability of new Lectures and new hits based on saved searches.

COLLOQUIUM is indexed by Google Scholar as well as PubMed and other indexing services.

Many Lectures will include enhancements such as animations and video.


COLLOQUIUM is available by purchase or subscription to academic, corporate, and government institutions. Users at licensed institutions gain access by IP authentication.

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