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Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu umfangreichen und breit angelegten Materialien zur internationalen Geschichte des Feminismus im Zeitraum von 1776 bis 1928.

Anhand von Primärquellen und Sekundärliteratur, bestehend aus Büchern, ausgewählten Buchkapiteln, Zeitschriftenaufsätzen, thematischen Essays und Themeneinführungen usw., werden die Nutzer in die acht Hauptthemenbereiche des Feminismus eingeführt: Politik und Recht, Religion und Glaube, Bildung, Literatur und Schriften, Frauen zu Hause, Gesellschaft und Kultur, Empire sowie Bewegungen und Ideologien.

Routledge Historical Resources: History of Feminism

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Routledge, Taylor & Francis

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Verlagsinformation :: Publisher's information

History of Feminism is an exciting new online platform that brings together the best and most relevant scholarship from Taylor & Francis, its imprints, and its authors.

It is the first part of the new Routledge Historical Resources online programme that will provide both academics and students with an in depth research tool for studying the long 19th Century through thematic collections in areas such as Feminism, the History of Economic Thought, Romanticism and Empire.

This resource covers the fascinating subject of feminism over the long nineteenth century (1776-1928). It contains an extensive range of primary and secondary resources, including full books, selected chapters, and journal articles, as well as new thematic essays, and subject introductions on its structural themes:

- Politics and Law

- Religion and Belief

- Education

- Literature and Writings

- Women at Home

- Society and Culture

- Empire

- Movements and Ideologies

There is a video introduction to the subject from the Academic Editor Professor Ann Heilmann (coming soon), and an image gallery containing photographs and illustrations that can be used in teaching and study.

Our rich metadata at chapter and article level makes search and research on the topic efficient and effective. Users can refine searches by subject, region, period, organization, notable figures and contributors as well as conduct key word searches.

Key Features:

- Focuses on the widely studied period between 1776-1928

- 1000s of chapters of primary source collections, available here in electronic format for the first time

- More than 1,000 chapters of secondary book content

- Over 100 journal articles from a range of Taylor & Francis journals

- An introductory video to the subject and resource from the Academic Editor

- 16 newly commissioned thematic essays by experts in the field

- Short introductions that outline the 8 key subject categories

- An image gallery to aid research and study

- Browsing available by Subject, Region, Period and Notable Figures

- View texts on site or download the PDF

- Intuitive search tools enable users to find exactly the material they need

- Detailed metadata at chapter and article level using a carefully chosen taxonomy of terms


All of the book chapters and journal articles presented in this resource have been curated in partnership with the Academic Editor, from Taylor & Francis' extensive range of published materials. Content is arranged into 8 key subject categories, each with their own short subject introductions, to assist research and study, and newly commissioned thematic essays provide an insightful overview and excellent starting point to 16 vital topics within feminism. The resource focuses on the period 1776-1928, however many of the primary source collections included extend beyond this period.

Content Types

Journal articles - Journal articles have been specifically chosen from a wide range of Taylor & Francis journals in order to compliment the focus of the resource. The articles include those originally published from 1987-2015.

Primary source collections - Our primary source collections mainly consist of sets of volumes from our Routledge Major Works programme. These are edited collections of primary source documents that contain new introductions and editorial notes.

Whilst some of the primary source collections can be read directly on the site, others can be read on a PDF viewer. This is because many of the primary source collections contain facsimile content.

Many of these volumes are available here for the first time electronically.

Secondary source chapters - The secondary book chapters on the resource are derived from a wide range of text types, including monographs and handbooks. Where only part of the book is relevant to the History of Feminismresource and time period we cover, only the relevant chapters are included.

Thematic essays - The thematic essays have been commissioned especially for this resource and offer readers an insightful overview of key topics in feminism.

Subject introductions - These subject introductions have been designed to provide users with a brief overview of the 8 main subject categories. Written by specialists in the field, each introduction explains what the categories cover and make interesting reading suggestions.

Gallery images - The images included come from several different sources and can be used to aid teaching and study.

Academic Editor

Ann Heilmann is Professor of English Literature at Cardiff University, UK. As the Academic Editor of this resource, she has acted as an advisor on the works included, the areas covered, and the way in which the content is organised. In her introduction to History of Feminism, Ann gives a broad and insightful overview of the subject, as well as the resource itself.

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