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Interfax News Bulletins


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu den von der russischen Nachrichtenagentur Interfax veröffentlichten Meldungen. Interfax wurde 1989 gegründet und war die erste nichtstaatliche Nachrichtenagentur der Sowjetunion. Der Schwerpunkt der Berichterstattung liegt auf Nachrichten aus Europa und Asien. Updates: laufend

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East View Publications

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East View now offers access to Interfax (Russian edition), exclusively via our Universal Database platform.

Interfax is a Russian non-governmental news agency based in Moscow. Established in 1989 by officials from the international service, Moscow Radio, News coverage is primarily focused on issues concerning Europe and Asia, with reporting from London, New York, Frankfurt, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Denver, Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, and Almaty. Interfax now employs around 1,000 journal ists and produces over 1,500 stories daily. In a recent analysis of publications available in Factiva and SCAN (System for Comprehensive Analysis of News) database, Interfax is cited in leading foreign and Russian mass media outlets more than other Russian news agencies (lTAR-TASS, RIA-Novosti) in the first half of 2015. Russian newspapers take only 10%-15% of what Interfax produces.

Content is loaded onto our platform within 10 hours after publication. The following packages are available through East View's Universal Database platform:

Novosti Interfaksa (The NeW5 from Interfax), 365 issues per year

Novosti Interfaksa newswire has long set the standard for Russian news journalism with its speed, accuracy and impartial reporting. Interfax's network of bureaus and journalists are based in the heart of Europe, the Far East, and the near abroad bringing subscribers a constant feed of breaking and developing political and lead economic news 24 hours a day.

From politics and society to business and key energy news, Novosti Interfaksa keeps readers informed of everything taking place on the ground in the region, as it happens. Newswire subscribers are the first to receive breaking news in the forms of flashes, and articles are continually added to by our team of journalists as events unfold.

Diplomaticheskaia panorama (Diplomatic Panorama), 240 issues per year. This daily publication covers foreign policy news, with unrivalled insight into the corridors of power in the Kremlin. With Interfax correspondents' extensive access to senior diplomats and policy makers from Russia and abroad, this publication keeps subscribers fully-briefed on Russia's positions on key international issues and diplomacy across the region. Interviews and diplomatic commentary with senior politicians from around the world covers a widerange of issues, from bilateral relations to the crises in Ukraine and Syria.

Prezidentskii vestnik (Presidential Bul/etin), 240 issues per year.

Prezidentskii vestnik daily bulletin provides subscribers with comprehensive accounts of the activities of the region's presidents and prime ministers, correspondence between them, and their opinions on key international and domestic issues. With contacts within the presidential administrations across the regions, Interfax's team of correspondents brings the news from the desks of state leaders, commentary and international visits.

Voennye novosti (Military Newswire), 365 issues per year.

This real-time newswire carries breaking and developing news from all aspects of the military-industrial complex, from armed forces news to ship and aircraft building, in addition to a broad spectrum of related issues. The newswire also covers relevant events in the space and rocket building sectors. The wire carries policy news, comment and expert analysis and news on mediation and conflict resolution on the ground and at international organizations, as well as comprehensive coverage of the Ukraine crisis and Russia's role in finding solutions to hotspot problems such as Syria and Iraq, and the nuclear programs of Iran and North Korea.

VPK Rossii i eksport oruzhiia (The Military-Industrial Complex of Russia and Arms Exports), 52 issues per year.

This is a subset of Voennye novosti (Military Newswire). A comprehensive round-up of the week's developments across the military-industrial sector. Leading with policy issues and commentary as well as exclusive interviews with heads of defense enterprise and leading experts in the most-closed sector of the Russian economy, this publication brings subscribers news on a wide range of topics from the military-industrial complex. The navy and shipbuilding, space and rocket, and aviation sections deal with logistical, hardware, and other relevant news, while other sections cover weapons manufacturing, development and arms exports, chemical disarmament, exhibitions, and a foreign military review.

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