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Online-Service mit Zugang zu über 14.000 organismusspezifischen Pathway/Genom-Datenbanken. Jede dieser Datenbanken gibt Hinweise auf Genom- und Stoffwechselinformationen für einen einzelnen Organismus. Updates: laufend.


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SRI International, Phoenix Bioinformatics Corporation

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Das Angebot richtet sich nicht an Verbraucher i. S. d. § 13 BGB und Letztverbraucher i. S. d. PAngV.

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BioCyc is a collection of 14728 Pathway/Genome Databases (PGDBs), plus software tools for exploring them [Karp17]. Key aspects of BioCyc data:

- Quality data curated from tens of thousands of publications, including curated databases for E. coli, B. subtilis, H. sapiens, and S. cerevisiae.

- Computationally predicted metabolic pathways and operons.

- Data integrated from other databases including gene essentiality, regulatory networks, protein features, and GO annotations.

BioCyc Tools

BioCyc provides tools for navigating, visualizing, and analyzing the underlying databases, and for analyzing omics data:

- Genome browser

- Display of individual metabolic pathways, and of full metabolic maps

- Multiple omics data analysis methods for user-supplied omics and multi-omics datasets including the Omics Dashboard, painting onto pathway diagrams and metabolic maps, and tables of perturbed pathways

- Store groups of genes, metabolites, etc. in your account as SmartTables; share, analyze, transform those groups

- Metabolic route search tools

- Run metabolic models

- Comparative analysis tools

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