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Brill's Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies Online


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Brill Academic Publishers

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Brill's Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies Online is an expanding e-book collection of specially commissioned research companions covering the Byzantine and medieval periods. Peer reviewed and written by experts, these handbooks offer balanced accounts at an advanced level, along with an overview of the state of scholarship and a synthesis of debate, pointing the way for future research. Designed for students and scholars, the books explain what sources there are, what methodologies and approaches are appropriate in dealing with them, what issues arise and how they have been treated, and what room there is for disagreement. All volumes are in English.

"The Brill's Companions to the Christian Tradition book series has made major contributions to the study of the history of Christianity for well over a decade now, presenting cutting-edge scholarship on a host of significant figures and movements over many centuries. This new e-book collection of Companions to Late Antiquity and Medieval Studies makes many of these valuable studies available to a wider audience and in a convenient format. It is a significant tool for scholars and students."

Bernard McGinn, University of Chicago

"It is very helpful to have this scholarly resource on Late Antique and Medieval Studies available on line. The range of the Companions' topics, from individuals such as Gregory I or Joachim of Fiore, institutions such as the Hanseatic League, or textual categories and themes such as preaching and audience is impressive. Each volume offers an immensely useful series of articles which contrive to be both authoritative surveys and independent interpretations."

Rosamond McKitterick, University of Cambridge

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