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Contemporary Japan Online


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Brill Academic Publishers

Contemporary Japan Online

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Published from Tokyo under Japanese editorship before, during, and after WWII (1932-1970), Contemporary Japan is now seen as a beacon of rationality, especially during the "devil's decade" of the 1930s. While consistently presenting the Japanese case, Contemporary Japan spoke from the shrinking middle ground of the public sphere. Run by the semi-official Foreign Affairs Association of Japan, Contemporary Japan published informed, critical, long-form journalism by leading Japanese and Western commentators on East Asia. Disillusioned PanAsianists compete with anti-Western rhetoric on the road to war against China. Post-war, new voices bemoan the "reverse course" of 1947-1952.

This lively Primary Source offers a window into Japan's most rational and yet most engaged debates of the day. Contemporary Japan ceased publication in 1970 and Brill has secured the entire run from Vol.1 1932 to Vol. 29, 1970, (with considerable gaps from 1954 - 1970, see full list of issues) but limits this first series to the period 1932-1954.

Features and benefits

- Published from Tokyo from 1932 to 1970, before, during and after the war "a relative beacon of rationality in chaotic and confusing times"

- English-language

- 15,000 pages

- Full-colour 300 ppi pages from high-quality originals

- Fully text-searchable

- Exclusive rights with Brill (for eight years)

- Source: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS, London)

- Holding unavailable elsewhere in this length, quality and format

- Imprint: selection of rare pamphlets published by the Foreign Affairs Association of Japan

Date range: 1932 - 1970

Part monthly (1932 - 1943), part quarterly (1947-1954), part tri-quarterly (1946)

Language: English

Note: virtually complete for the important years 1932 - 1954 (lacking two volumes: volume 9, no. 3 (1941) and volume 12, no. 1 (1943). Not complete for the years up to 1970. Should currently missing volumes emerge, these will be included at no extra cost to purchasers.

The contents of this collection are also available in Brill's Mobilizing East Asia Online: Newspapers, magazines and books from the 1900s-1950s.

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