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Huamulan Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu Hochschulschriften (Dissertationen und Habilitationen) aus rund 20 geisteswissenschaftlichen Fachgebieten aus China, Taiwan und Hong Kong. Updates: laufend.

Huamulan Digital Library of Theses and Dissertations

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Transmission Book & Microinfo Co. (TBMC)

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This database collects thousands of academic monographs covering various subjects of literature, history and philosophy department and divides into more than 20 kinds of subjects. The authors are from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong and include three generations of scholars to form a complete and important research library. Three series collections are available:

I. Chinese Traditional Culture Research Series

This series contains six subject works on Chinese traditional culture research from 30 years ago: Classical Literature Research Series, Classical Poetry Research Journal, Ancient History and Culture Research Collection, Chinese Academic Thought Research Series, Classical Literature Research Journal, Chinese Language and Literature Research Journal. This is most classical series to learn about the development of Chinese Ancient Study in the great China area and includes more than 1600 monographs.

II. Taiwan's history and culture research series

This series contains more than 190 volumes of academic works on Taiwan's history and culture research in the past 20 years. Research topics include: political history research, economic history research, social and cultural studies, religious and cultural studies, ideological and cultural studies, art and culture studies, education and cultural studies, original ethnic groups and cultural studies, language and cultural studies, Local history and culture studies, Qing Dynasty and modern and contemporary Taiwan literature and culture studies.

III. China's modern and contemporary culture and literature research series

This series contains literary works on the Republic of China and the People's Republic during the past 20 years. There are two main subject works in this series:

  • The Cultural and Literary Studies of the Republic of China, these works that reorganize and analyze Chinese modern literature from the perspective of the history and culture of the Republic of China.
  • The People's Republic of Culture and Literature Series, this is a set of books based on literature, in-depth analysis of contemporary Chinese social culture and thought.

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