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The Japan Times of the 1860s


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Online-Service mit Zugang zu sämtlichen Ausgaben der englischsprachigen japanischen Tageszeitung "The Japan Times" von September 1865 bis Juni 1866.

The Japan Times of the 1860s

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The Japan Times expands ist Digital Archives to include valuable English-language records dating back to the 1860s

The year 2018 is a big one that marks the 150th anniversary since the Meiji Restoration. The Japan Times will digitize content of the similarly titled The Japan Times published during the turbulent years of the end of the Edo Period to the birth of the Meiji government and add it to the archives.

The Japan Times will digitize the content of The Japan Times, founded by a British publisher on Sept. 8, 1865 (July 19 in the first year of Keio). This separate newspaper preceded the launch of today's The Japan Times. The additional content — "The Japan Times of the 1860s" — contains contributions from Ernest Satow, a British diplomat who is said to have deeply infl uenced Japanese history, and other valuable information. Satow's contributions include articles later referred to as "British Policy," as well as translated diaries of Japanese delegates to Europe. It's believed that Satow's British Policy, submitted when he was only 22, was a major infl uence on the Meiji Restoration.

The Japan Times of the 1860s:

  • Release date: april 27, 2018
  • period: September 1865 - June 1866
  • Contents: 223 pages, weekly paper, 4 to 8 pages per issue, information on foreign incoming and outgoing ships, domestic and foreign news, news on court trials, commercial ads, ads on embassies in Japan

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