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Irish Historical Newspapers


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Emerald Isle history through three centuries of in-depth news coverage


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Irish Historical Newspapers

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Filling a long-standing gap faced by students and scholars, Irish Historical Newspapers is the largest digital collection of its kind and a unique resource for studying the entire island of Ireland. This online collection spans nearly 300 years and contains 16 essential papers from the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland. Irish Historical Newspapers offers an expertly selected combination of national and regional titles published between 1738 and 2004. Together these newspapers deliver not only detailed coverage of local culture, society and daily life in counties across the island, but also extensive reporting on national and international events that affected both the British Empire and the United States of America.

An influential and tempestuous past

Over the last three centuries the history of Ireland has been particularly fascinating and complex. Ireland was involved in momentous events with direct implications on European and other global powers. Irish Historical Newspapers features deep coverage on key topics, including the Irish Rebellion of 1798; the Great Famine between 1845 and 1852; Irish Revolutionary Period between 1912 and 1922, including Home Rule, the Easter Rising, War of Independence, and the Anglo-Irish Treaty; the Irish Civil War and the establishment of both the Irish Free State and Republic, and of the State of Northern Ireland.

Ireland's foremost historical newspapers

Many of the fifteen papers found in Irish Historical Newspapers are extremely long runs—for example, the Freeman's Journal (a major national daily) runs from 1763 to 1924, and The Belfast Newsletter (another major national daily) covers the years 1738 to 1890. Regional titles come from Cork, Dublin, Kerry, Kilkenny, Offaly, Mayo, Roscommon, and Tipperary. Among them are The Nation (1842-1897), which offers detailed coverage of the Great Irish Famine, and the Skiberreen Eagle (1882-1922), which features first-hand reporting on the 1916 Rising. Other newspapers offer vital insight into national events that affected counties around Ireland as well as close reporting on the United States as a result of massive levels of emigration.

New research and teaching opportunities

This fully searchable collection of Irish newspapers includes the complete page of each issue, including eyewitness reporting, editorials, legislative information, letters, poetry, advertisements, obituaries and other news items. Irish Historical Newspapers opens up a new world of opportunity for North American-based scholars and students in fields such as Colonial, European and Global Studies; political science, economic history, military studies and much more. It also contains valuable source materials for scholars writing about the development of the U.S. and British Empire in the 19th and 20th centuries.

Partnership with Irish Newspaper Archives

Readex—working in partnership with Irish Newspaper Archives Ltd., of Dublin—is the exclusive seller of Irish Historical Newspapers in North America. This one-of-a-kind resource is delivered within a feature-rich native interface that includes user-friendly "browse" technology for seamless reading of historical papers from cover to cover.

Quick Facts

  • A sweeping and detailed view of Irish history, culture and daily life across almost 300 years
  • The largest collection of fully searchable 18th-, 19th- and 20th-century Irish newspapers
  • Essential for teaching and research on diverse topics related to Colonial, European and Global Studies

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