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Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archives (1962 - present)


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United Digital Publications (Greatman Knowledge Management Group)

Zhuanji Wenxue Digital Archives

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Over the past 57 years, Zhuanji Wenxue Magazine (傳記文學1962-present) has become world renowned. Like the Great Wall itself, Zhuanji Wenxue has become a long and formidable historical record, drawing comparisons as the "The Great Wall of Chinese Republican History." Being ranked at the same academic position with heavyweight, national research institutions of modern history, it is rated as the paragon of unofficial historical data, and an excellent, unique supplement to authoritative history in China and Taiwan covering the past 2000 years. For example, the top 3 research institutions in Taiwan in the study of Dr. Sun Yat Sen (Father of R.O.C.) and the history of the Chinese revolution are the Kuomintang Party History Commission, the Modern History Institute of Academia Sinica, and Zhuanji Wenxue Magazine. In terms of content quality, Zhuanji Wenxue is regarded as equal to those two most important academic institutions in Taiwan.

Zhuanji Wenxue helps historians to find clues to difficult historical problems, and puts the flesh back onto the skeleton of official history. It treats various people's narrations as historical data. Biographies are not only of political and military leaders, prominent officials and eminent personages, but also of famous scholars, social celebrities, chiefs of secret societies, spies, renowned actors and actresses and common people alike. Zhuanji Wenxue helps to fill gaps in official history. As an essential historic-material database of more than 130 million characters and the core reference of dissertations on Chinese Republic history in the past 40 years, it includes autobiography, critical biography, memoir, exclusive historical data, diary entries, handwriting samples, oral history, and more. Readers will praise this extensive record and its ability to bring history to life.

At a glance

  • From the first issue to date, full images/full text
  • On the same academic rank with heavyweight, national research institutions of modern history
  • The paragon of unofficial library of historical data
  • Excellent, unique supplement of authoritative history
  • Essential historic-material database on Chinese Republic history

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