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Clio Medica Online


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Studies in the History of Medicine and Health


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Online-Service mit Zugang sämtlichen Bänden der Reihe "Clio Medica: Studies in the History of Medicine and Health". Die Reihe behandelt aktuelle Themen der Medizin und des Gesundheitswesens aus einer historischen Perspektive. Abgedeckter Zeitraum: 1965 ff.


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Brill Academic Publishers

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Clio Medica Online will consist of Volumes 1-100 published in Clio Medica: Studies in the History of Medicine and Health, a series providing narratives and analysis on health, healing, and the contexts of our beliefs and practices that impact biomedical inquiry. The series addresses current topics of interest in medicine and health care from a historical perspective offering analytical rigor and an opportunity for reflection to its readers.

Vol. 1-5 published by Pergamon Press (London);

Vol. 6-17 published by B.M. Israel (Amsterdam);

Vol. 18-94 published by Rodopi (Amsterdam);

Vol. 95-100 published by Brill under the imprint Brill | Rodopi.

From Volume 81, e-books are included in Brill's European History and Culture E-Books Online or Rodopi European History and Culture Special E-Book Collection, 2007-2014.

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